What level hoard do I need to finish a delve

Hello everyone,
Outside of delve events with their bonuses, what level hoard do I need on average to finish a delve.

For example my sea of sorrow hoard is 100 and 10/10 and I’ve been stuck at 440 forever with the ideal team. I dont want to pump more gold in than I have to. How high do I need to get the hoard before I can reasonably expect to reach 500.

Also hey devs can we get persistent delve level on events, kinda crazy that it isn’t. Instead of spending gems I just avoid delve events unless it’s for a new faction.

What’s your definition of “finish”, completing level 500 with any team? Hoard level 100 should easily be enough for that.

For non-faction teams I’ve been able to get away with horde level 100 so far thanks to Irongut. Horde level 111 gets you an extra magic point if you’re willing to spend a little extra.

For non-faction teams your team composition is a lot more important than the horde level. For example High-King Irongut and Queen Ysabelle are a fantastic combo on the delves where you can use them both. Irongut alone can occasionally get the job done with some mana converting help unless you run into a lot of devour and stun immune enemies.

For faction-only teams at Delve Level 500…buy lots of potions of power during a faction event and pray.

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