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What can we do .... New Order of Bastet

It is so unlike our Guild Leader to disappear without any post.

She’s incredibly overly communicative

But she has neither logged in to Discord or the game in 5 days and we’re very worried… in fact we’re extremely worried something has happened to her. (She’s an older lady in Canada) but none of us (The Royal Guard - her assistants) have any direct contact information.

I’ve even gone through everything and we can’t find a direct connect information for @Lady_Kendra (here) / Chy’tara[NOoB GM]#9471 (Discord) and Chy’tara on GoW Game.

IS there anything anyone can help us with (Old Guild members) Dev to help us find out if she’s okay? She wasn’t feeling good two weeks ago…

Sorry to hear about your GM. Hope she ends up being okay.

If not, then at least be aware the guild can go on, if that’s of interest to you and/or your guild mates — after a couple (few?) weeks of inactivity, players get ZZZ sleepy icons on the guild roster. Anyone can then demote them, and anyone with current promotion powers can promote whomever is to be the new GM.

Good luck, and best wishes.

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You have to wait the mandatory inactivity before you can remove her as the GM. If you want to do it prior you’ll need a death certificate. Due to privacy concerns the devs cannot verify the last time the player logged in. - I am not a Dev but I can speak from my experience of having a guild manager missing.

We’re not interested in removing her. We’re trying to find out if she’s okay.