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We are in the wrong brackets since reset of Guild Wars!

Hi I am part of Shadowed Warriors. Ever since the reset we have been way to high in the brackets. I think we started in bracket 60 put up close to 430k points and next week was like 58 even thought no one is close to our score. we are now in the 42 bracket advancing a few a week. We constantly crush the opposition by 350,000 points. Why are we not placed much higher. We have been missing out on much better rewards each week? I assume we would be in the top 100 with our scores. It is not fun.

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This is how GW bracket promotion/demotion works
(Sirrian - May 2017)

Rank 1 guild climbs 2 brackets
Ranks 2/3 climb 1 bracket
Ranks 4-7 stay put
Ranks 8-9 drop 1 bracket
Rank 10 drops 2 brackets

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That is the problem. We started in bracket 60 for no reason. Why were we not grouped with our score after 1 week of reset? We should have been in bracket 5 - 10. It is frustrating for us.

Because guilds don’t get to magically start at the top? If they did, then when your guild is in bracket 5 (say), you’ll get constantly bounced out by newbie guilds that have a good week. Does that sound fair?

Also in bracket 10 if you scored 430k points you would likely finish last place


That is fine, but we no where near a 400 - 600 ranked guild. Please put is where we fall in based on our score vs taking 20 plus weeks to make it where we should have been from reset. Plus, give us the proper diamonds we are owed.

Thats for sure Brudda Goodwill.

PC/Mobile so far this week Bracket 1:


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I am not saying we deserve bracket 1 or 5. But we for sure are not 42. Check the payouts of the ranks.

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What are you basing this on?

You arent owed anything. This kind of statement will not endear you to the devs or the community


I thought they’d said that it would work differently lower down in the rankings so there was more room to jump. It sounds pretty awful to me to have a new guild form, or have an up-and-coming guild kick off, and then be trapped somewhere in the deep hundreds or even thousands have to work your way out 2 brackets at a time. Even if you’re Top 500 and deserve Top 200, that’s years of work to dig out… And in the mean time your stuck facing teams so outmatched that it’s not even fun (kinda like Dungeons atm).

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You must work hard to promote to go up in brackets. One week at a time brudda and good team work, and u will be there! :slight_smile:

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The system just doesn’t work the way you wish it did. Once you get to your natural position in the list, you’ll find week-to-week fluctuations in your results will smooth out.

But please, don’t let me stand in the way of your entitlement.


Exactly, the lower levels should jump much more than 2 a week. It really sucks. We play guilds that have 2 players. The score is usually 70,000 to 5,000 each day.


Actually we do not need to work hard at all. There is no incentive to crush anyone when you beat them by 70K each day.

Yeah, that sounds pretty awful.

The worse part is you beat the same guy 4 times, then get highest rank guy 1 time. Boring.

The weekly rewards back there must also be very depressing…sadly…

Brudda @Vangor Goodwill, what bracket is Ostfront in now?

Look brudda i am gonna level with you and please dont take this as an attack because it isnt.

With that kind of score against that kind of competition it really doesnt mean anything…

Here is what i mean:

When you get up to the higher brackets, lets say top 10 brackets. The competition WILL score a minimum of 100k per day. If you are only scoring 70-75k per day against weak opponents that will more than limely drop to around 50-60k per day at best which would put your weeks score at 300-360k.

What does that mean?

It means that you would finish last in bracket 10 by a large margin and drop to 12 where you would probably have the same results thus dropping further.

My advice?

Chill… Get some experience coordinating as a guild and work on team building and you will get there but based on what you have said i would say you are not ready yet.

Hope this makes you feel better brudda

I think it is like 5 low cards and 25 gems.