Way of the Blade: Looking for active players! (Xbox One)


Way of the Blade is recruiting for Xbox One.

Our guild is looking for active players who are at Level 50 and above. Our current ranking is 121 and our members regularly exceed all minimum requirements!

The minimum weekly requirements are as follows:

  • 100K Gold
  • 500 Seals
  • 50 Trophies
  • Participation in all Guild Events

Guild Wars – Must be completed whether you win or lose battles.

We encourage using the Guild Chat to stay up-to-date with the guild especially in times of absence, to ask questions and give input. We like all members to be involved.

If you are interested in joining, please contact me via message here or on Xbox using my gamertag Major Thumbs.

Help us help you excel at GOW … Participation is the key to our success!