Vault Drop Rates?

What is the Vault Drop Rates?

I have used 400 keys since The Moon was added. Not a sniff. I only got 1 Sun and many common gnomes and Cedrick. Also, I only got 3 music gnomes. It seems the common gnomes are appearing much more often than 3 weeks ago.


RNG drop rates and they are appalling; even before we see all the player detailed maths showing how miniscule our chances are.

Sorry to hear, I feel lucky that got it after 250 VK then.

The torture will only grow for each extra troop they are adding.


Without Gnome-A-polloza, think about basically never getting one of the new tarot troops, let alone a troop like the music gnomes. Pay to win for sure.

They seriously need to bump up the odds for each of those troops. Also, the Moon, The Sun, etc. drop should be the same percentage as Cedrick.

I am at 500 keys now and still no moon. 1 Sun. 0 Emperor, 3 music gnomes, that is it. I have had so many Cedrick’s and Common gnomes. Ugh.

Pfft, nah. Pay the have, sure, but what META teams use any of the Tarots, Enraged Kurandara, or — heck — even the Campaign mythics (or the minuscule stats they provide)?

No one is “winning” anything with Vault Key rewards. And that’s before even considering how anyone can farm Paloozas — no payment required — AND completely ignores how many players (including newbs!) can now earn orbs for crafting Zuul and improving their collection overall way, way easier.

Tarots are too hard to acquire for anyone who doesn’t pay, agreed. But to claim beyond that is hyperbolic at best.


They should not be that hard to obtain. It’s just a matter of time before one becomes meta. Its should not be easier to get a mythic than an epic. Make them the same drop as cedrick.

We have the drop rates for all the other keys. Not sure what the big deal is. I think they changed since the first gnome-a-palooza. I was not getting the common gnomes like I am now. Also, I was getting the Sun and Emperor multiple times in 300 keys.

“ Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.”

They sell keys for vaults. According to Apple, they must tell you even before you buy those keys, what the odds are. They do not list them before or after. That is a violation of the Apple developer TOS.

Vaults keys open a vault that contain RNG rewards and cannot be altered by any input from the player. They are playable loot boxes.

The only way things like this get fixed is reporting them to the caretaker of the app store you use. If you violate the IP2 game TOS, you get banned. IP2 thinks they can violate the rules with impunity. Call them out by reporting them.

To those who will say, they are selling you gems in those deals. I say show me a screen shot that states the vault keys are a free bonus. That is the only way they aren’t violating the rules. Also it does not matter that you can earn them in game. What matters is the flash deals containing them aren’t being earned for free, they have a real money cost to them.


Got the moon finally. 560 keys.

40 Cedrics before that dropped.


I think the vault will be made a kingdom soon and it will be very interesting to see what the drop rates are for event keys during that week.


Then we will have a vault kingdom week in WE?

i can feel your pain: needed 613 vk right now to get the moon!!!
first i thought that GAP is a good workaround for f2p players to get more vk to get the tarot cards from vault.
now i think, that devs should really change the drop rates, cause adding more tarots cards means i have to use thousands and thousands of vk to get them, even GAP won’t help me then.
it is just really bad design, so pls devs change this immediately!!!


Bad design is everywhere, unfortunately; we all share your pain ; all objectives for individual players are becoming terrible awful grinds; either ftp or investing. Its the drip feed mentality of the game; just a TEASE , in the direction you want. Its actually quite discourteous to the player. Time to rename the game, Tantalus; and move on.

I would have agreed with you, but a couple palooza weekends should even the odds.

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how can that even the odds, when we are getting more and more tarot cards?
even paying players that will come to GoW let’s say in three months can’t get the old tarot cards?

Whatcha gonna do with the Tarot cards @ANGI? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not sure if there’s a more appropriate thread to crowdsource tarot cards drop rates, but thus far in 134 vaults looking for the star, received only the Moon (key 19) and the Sun (54).

Since nothing suggests this company will be revealing the drop rates anytime soon, at least ballparking the tarot drop rate may be useful to adjust expectations.
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