Unusual error code

Never seen this error before. Are the servers messing up today??

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I am getting this very same screen, along with a message that I am not in a guild. I’ve reported this to Support.

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I got that same message, posted it to this thread.

Getting the same on console. @Nimhain

This or the OP’s message? I received the guild one 1st.

Got the same just now but ending a Treasure Map. Was 115 moves too…

Same thing. I can access guild chat not the guild menu. Then the whole game threw up a ton of errors. I reinstalled game and got rid of errors but still no guild menu.

On mobile - was in a million collecting guild task - got popups about guild task completed then this

Then this after closing and restarting - game loaded, mail item that I was collecting when first error was still there so went to collect, got popups about guild task completed and then this

I keep getting this also.

Nonstop error codes. Making the game unplayable!

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Same thing. Can’t play.

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Woww, more and more errors. Seems like there’s some really nasty stuff going on.

I have fought 8 explore battles and received 24 errors. Lol. And that’s not counting the ones I got trying to get into the game!

Game is borked right now so I won’t add to the server stress. I’ll try later

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Some advice, best to not do any stuff like PvP or Explore for now. You wouldn’t want to corrupt your game profile data, or PvP progress. :rage:

Chat should be ok I think

Having same JSON error problem on PC which is not good (I’m a retired programmer)

Same error here, playing on pc.

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