Unity Changes (3.05 P.C / 3.1 rest of the systems) Changes that need to be rethought


Info on 9/3 Update of Thread

Now that the rest of the systems have been updated to Unity, I am going to update this thread.

Going forward - please make sure to put what device your issue is when you post.

It will take me a few days to compare the original list to mobile and work with someone who had console/xbox and Ipad to determine what are ALL devices and what are specific to which devices in this list.

New material will be placed at the bottom of this list and integrated into the lists above it.

I will be scouring through the different threads to find reports and mark them accordingly.

Thank you

(As normal @Saltypatra & @Ozball will be also updating this thread :slight_smile: )

Purpose of this thread - Read first

While these are not bugs - these issues need to be rethought in how they work for the Unity. Some of them are changes that change how workflows were being done in the past. Some of them are new methods for functionality. But most from a PC point of (which mouse and keyboard) make it harder to use the system. In addition smaller screens such as mobile are seeing different issues with the UI.

I totally understand about common code base (makes it easier to fix bugs) but I do not agree in exact replica in UI, UX and usability choices.

I see there are a ton of different threads and posts so I going to try to consolidate them to this thread since these are not bugs (And make it easier on @Saltypatra so she can focus on the bugs)

Usability Issues

General-Overall Look and Feel

PC Resizing screen resolution - Default size that 3.0 used to be needs to be available. It was nice size - fit on my desk top and allowed me to do other things.

PC Screen resolution choices should fit the encasement - right now they don’t completely - lots of black space around the playing field

ALL Dialogs - either have them all have X so folks know how to close them or add a Close to the ones that you want to have special interaction with.

  • Offers
  • Events
  • Troop

Dialogs that have confirmation (Confirm / No) (Yes / No) need to be consistent.

  • Disenchant (No is on the wrong side of the dialog - currently has No / Disenchant)
  • Connect to Global Chat (No/Yes)
  • Leave Global chat message does not have an Confirm/No - just Leave (and Escape gets you out but that’s not very intuitive)

Unable to disconnect from Global Chat now (at least I can’t find the dialog)

Add Jump to summary window [ Summary ]
Add Skip all [ Skip ]

Dialog consolidation
In Mail now there are two additional screens to go through when you get your mail and accept.
Once you open your mail it is also two additional dialogs to go through to accept.

Speed/Rendering Issues
  • Login takes 20-60 seconds longer.
  • Navigating between areas has become slower.
  • There are even more animations between PVP.
  • Board drops are clunky at the slower levels
  • The swirly animation needs to go. Slowing down the system and actually getting more ‘Unable to connect to Server messages’

Dev Feedback Update 9/8

Nice idea for transparency, but it is way to small (was already small now it is smaller) It only shows 4 or 5 lines of text and you can’t resize it.

  • Time stamp nice but takes up one of those precious lines now
  • Font is very hard to read at this size now.
  • Guild chat can not scroll back more than 10 lines (on PC)
  • Give more than 40 characters for Announcement (Used to be 120)
  • Mobile is even tinier.

Troop area:

Issues with the new design of the Troop area

Selecting Weapon: When you select a Weapon either as a Hero or from the Hero option it should present the weapon view - not Hero view first.

Select a troop/hero: It was unclear how to get out of this view mode (Figured out escape works or clicking on the background)

Troop placement in Team - Allow the troop to be placed in the team slot where they want to be no matter when they are added

Troops re-position themselves when removing a troop from a team - Do not change position of where the troop was placed.

When closing a team down and are in Bonus view - Hero option becomes selected instead of Bonus staying selected or reverting to Troop option

Add back Kingdom icons on the troop cards like they had been in the bottom right corner.

Search Filters
  • Filter dialog in troop view (escape works but again X would be consistency)
  • Filters - If the decision to stay with the slider - Keyboard access needs to be provided to navigate quickly to the corresponding letter in the slider. For example - Green - typing Gr - goes there. Otherwise please revert to the vertical scrolls so keyboard interaction can still happen
  • Add Reset Filters to default setting (I just did a complex filter set up and then had to undo everything to perform the next one) To reset filters you have to leave troop area completely and re-enter.
  • Number of clicks to actually perform a search has increased drastically
  • Sort by name a-z with keyword does not sort the list in alpha
  • (Not sure if this is a change since Mobile has Unity but the UI for Troops hasn’t changed and both do this)
  • Keyword ‘Orc’ returns too many results and unclear why some of the results are present. For example Dwarf Lord ( I think because the word Reinforced but I could be wrong)
    *Wants multiple abilities
  • Filter such as Amount - if you do something with that troop - does not go back to the filter view. It goes to where the Troop resides in the Amount (such as you ascend a troop who had 15 for the amount, instead of showing who is still from highest to lowest shows were that troop now ended up at amount 1. Trying to refilter does not work. Have to reset the filter then do again)

Really cool idea for usability-layout, design and functionality for filters

When you go review Ranking- the ranking would show your guild position within the rank. Now it shows the top of the rank you are in but not your position.
Not showing the rank above your current rank, Instead it shows your Rank as the first rank and then two more ranks below your rank.
Counter intuitive reward tier sizes display - Also the Ranking used to call out the levels within the rank
Your Reward now on the Reward Tier is not designated what you won last week when you select Your Rewards button

Roster Tab:
Missing the little = on the Roster Tab to designate ability to see the Profile (The activity is still present)
Sort Rank is now using Hero level and then the Rank sort to sort the list - not sorted by alpha of name as it was previous version
Clicking on Sort drops menu the only way to describe it - klunky/jumpy
On the Seals Dialog, if you select your seals icon area - which goes to the store, the store now is in a transparent space and doesn’t have an X to close. Selecting escape dismisses the store and puts you back to kingdom view - not to the seals dialog.
*Tasks - if someone else has contributed - nice dialog pops up now, and you’re not sent to back to Kingdom View. However, you can’t contribute, the dialog continues to tell you someone else has. You have to end up leaving Guild area completely (to Kingdom) then back. - At least now make the ability to refresh when the dialog pops up.

The main screen for arena has completely changed to look a lot more like the PVP screen. You don’t see the stats of the troops you have chosen anymore. Twice as many clicks to do the same amount of prep.

On To Battle Screen - Missing Gold information in upper left corner.
This shows the gold with current mobile (old view)

Defense Sliders
Add counters or numbers to Defense Sliders

Misc (Items that don’t quite have a home)
Loot summary: Always/Only Chests/Only New/Never

Bring back the avatars to the pvp victory/defeat screens

Game Mechanics

ALL The anti-cluster, anti-gem spawners algorithm needs to be re-address

Now to go and see how to get the rest of the posts that are related linked to this


The “You Won” summary showing up a bit too often. For example, opening a single gold chest and getting a single troop you have hundreds of already still triggers the summary screen, before it was only mass openings and new troops. This also happens if you collect one mail with one item in it. I don’t even think mail had a summary screen before, but it certainly doesn’t need to appear when I collect 90 souls for reaching a revenge battle milestone right after clicking through the full screen popup that already told me I won 90 souls.


Good Point I forgot about the additional Mail screens now. Adding to the above

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Clicking onto a kingdom you are already centered on has a short delay before the menu even begins animating to appear, which appears to be the same length of time to allow the screen to scroll into place (if you click on a not-centered kingdom, this same delay happens during the scroll, and the menu popup animation starts when the kingdom becomes centered). Its minor, but annoying. The delay is most tangible while you are chain exploring, since every battle takes you back to the map where you have to click on the already centered kingdom to open the menu to enter explore again. I’d rather just stay in explore than have dev time go toward fixing this, though.


Thanks @Taisiakat. Don’t be surprised if you see me editing your first post updating the points you’ve raised. :slight_smile:

  • Can no longer go to the Guild screen with 1 click. Clicking the Guild button opens up a selection of “Guild” and “Guild Wars” instead.

So going to Guild Wars still requires 2 clicks, like before. But simply going to the Guild Screen went from 1 click to 2 clicks → no improvement.


When first starting the game, clicking the Chat button will open the Global channel even when you are not in a Global channel. Please simply open the Guild Chat in this case.

Special Offers
Got a huge popup showing me all the special offers on startup, please keep these hidden under the offers button.


This is okay, as far as I’m concerned. Two clicks with no significant downtime between them (“Guild” menu, currently) is a fair trade for what used to be two clicks with a significant delay between the two (“Guild Wars” menu, previously).



Going to Guild Wars, after loading the Guild Screen is instant in the new version.
Meanwhile, clicking on the new Guild Wars flyout button takes as long to load as simply going to the Guild Screen.

End result is same loading speed, just a click more needed to get to the Guild screen.


This is something new to Unity, then, as there is still a delay on mobile 3.0.5. I would still rather keep it the way it is, even with the extra click, for two reasons. First, I would rather wait through the loading screen after I have finished tapping/clicking, rather than have to interact again after the loading finishes. Second, the new way serves to advertise the existence of Guild Wars. The game, at least on mobile, has historically been very light on tool tips and in-game information.

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As a Guild leader I spend way more time in the Guild section as in the Guild Wars one. So for me personally, this is just an annoying thing to have. I imagine even regular members spend more time at the Guild section to check upon tasks to be completed and to collect seals.
Lastly, I’m not a fan to have stuff in multiple places. I don’t find it elegant UI design.

This is true, could have been advertised better in the past. Like a Luther chat msg when first going to Guild, similar to the new ones added with this patch during battle for status effects.


Of course - I just felt the bugs needed more attention and someone can gather the use cases since these are technically not bugs but feature enhancements.

@Ozball informed how to link the other posts to this one. :grin:


Same. It is annoying, it is not an improvement.


The main screen for arena has completely changed to look a lot more like the PVP screen.

Being able to change the difficulty in the arena is great.

However with the new screen you don’t see the stats of the troops you have chosen anymore. So you need to click on each of them to check their stats and see in which order you want to put them. It takes a lot more time and is not practical.

Not sure this is the right place, but the recent troops, including those of Suncrest, are still missing in the arena.


I’m also a guild leader with an active (but not top 100) guild, and I go roughly equally often to both Guild Wars and the Guild screen.

This is perhaps a difference between touchscreen and mouse input – with a touchscreen, it is no trouble at all to do the extra tap each time. Apparently it’s more irritating to make the extra click with a mouse. I’m not trying to say that anyone else’s experience is wrong, only that I hope they leave this one thing the same one mobile.


Please add:

  • When looting & clicking anywhere (to skip to next looted item animation) - the animation of next item doesnt show the amount of that item fast enough - so just clicking through it will make the player have no idea how many of each item they gained. the amount of item should show with exact same speed/timing as the item image, also it should show full image & amount of next item right away if clicked to skip the last one, with no transition thing (if someone clicks to skip it means they wanna see it faster, not as slow again) or with much faster transition

  • almost any ‘out of combat’ animation - when the object ‘pops into the screen’ the moment it finally lands on its place it should stop the animation there but instead it very sharply jumps the object again, its very tiring for the eyes, please stop it (the animation will also take shorter time if it stops there so double plus) im hating this effect, it tires the mind


From a clean install, you can no longer access the settings menu from the initial screen and therefore you have to finish the first two tutorial battles and create a new character before you can link an existing account. Before, you could access it immediately to link an existing account without having to create a throwaway character.


I am almost positive that has been like that on the PC. I ended up having to play a few rounds before I could access that and that was a over a year?

@Saltypatra - this hasn’t changed - correct?

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Where is looting in the game?

Are you talking about what you get in chests, mail and pvp rewards?

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yes, mostly the mails i suppose


I put this comment in the bug reports thread because I’m an idiot and didn’t realize there was a separate topic for UI requests. Anyway…

I find the new search options in the Troops screen are cool, but the UI has worsened considerably. Before, when I wanted to look for Karakoth troops, for example, it took 2 mouse clicks (and a scroll) to do so. Now I have to first open the Filter layover, then click 13 times to select Karakoth, then click Apply for a total of 15 mouse clicks!

I don’t mind the separate Filter layover so much, though I did enjoy changing the filters directly on screen, but I would love to get back the dropdown filter fields. Using the arrows to click through the whole list is seriously annoying.