Unique Guild Opportunity!


Core of Guild are 2 three year active players level 1,041(22+M gold contributed and 18,876 trophies) and 758 (15+M gold contributed and 12,695 trophies) who play daily, contribute max resources weekly and do Invasion and Raid Boss. Guild was previously closed to just four players. We’ve recently opened ranks to lower level players (20+) and are now looking for a few experienced casual players to join us to balance out the guild. We enjoy the game, have maxed out all our kingdoms, have lots of experience and resources to share and at this point enjoy sharing those and helping others up their game. We’d be open to doing Guild Wars in future, just haven’t previously due to size of the Guild. If you enjoy the game but don’t want the constraints of a hyper competitive guild, Spyro’s Army could be a great fit for you. Only requirements at this point are active players making effort commensurate to experience (no activity for two weeks without notice and you’re out to make room for new blood.) Come share the Glory (and all the other perks!) of casual play with a low key, experienced guild.


I recremend this guild they are wonderful ppl


Hi, your guild sounds amazing and exactly what I am looking for, I’m a level 320 who would be happy to contribute to tasks and willing to contribute as fully as possible to Guild Wars, Raid Boss and Invasion, and I can contribute to anything else to help out the guild.

Invite code is WARREN_FSMP , Let me know if I could be of use to your guild


Sent you an invite! Hope you can join us. This is a quiet week because we aren’t currently during Guild Wars and we’re trying to sort out non-contributors, but we’ll be gearing up for Raid Boss next week. We’re trying to get in the mode of checking the Guild Chat for communications now that there‘s a whole guild, so if you join us please check in via Guild Chat. Thanks!



We’ve currently got room for three. Check out Spyro’s Army and join us!


Hey, I’m level 118. I’d be interested in joining if you still have room. I’m looking for a more active guild I can grow with.


Hi~ Tried to send you an invitation and it’s telling me you don’t exist - I think you need to leave your current guild before I can invite you. We’d be happy for you to join us if you’re still interested - let me know when you’ve left your current guild and we’ll send a new invite. If you join us, please check the guild chat periodically for announcements. Thanks!


Hey, I’m ready now :slight_smile:


Bumping - We’ve just opened up a few more spots. Come join a casual, low key, friendly guild with lots to offer as you level up!


Hi, I just begun to play and I really enjoy the game, im up every day trying to level up. I’m looking for kind active mates, and from what you explain i think you and your guild are what I look for :slight_smile:
Hope to see you soon


Hi~ glad to hear you’re enjoying the game! If you’re an active player leveling up, we should be perfect for you. Our higher level players who have maxed their kingdoms contribute gold to finish tasks and provide gems souls and keys to newer players, all we ask is that you remember to collect and contribute all those guild seals you’ll be earning from battles, etc. We also ask you check the guild chat when you log on to play to see any announcements - you can also use it to ask questions, make suggestions or just revel in a really good battle or key pull! :smiley: If you’re interested, you’ll need to leave your current guild (if any) and let me know your invite code so that we can invite you to join. Cheers!


Hi, FORZAC_X5E2 for invite, I used to play lots of mmorpg on top lead by the past. I can’t spend anymore all the time needed with mmo’s but I think it will be fine with this game. So i’m used to follow orders :wink:
See you soon.


Hi - invite sent! That’s one of the best things about Gems IMHO - game can be played on so many different levels depending on the time you have available, No worries - just be sure to collect your seals whenever you’re playing so that they add to the weekly guild total and let Bomb Puncher know if you’re going to be inactive for longer than a week or two. Check the guild chat (right hand tab on the chat window) for announcements, or feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, etc. Don’t know if you’re interested or at a level for Raid Boss, but if you can get through the first minions and bosses to the portal level, rewards through Portal 4 are yours courtesy of the Guild. Cheers!