Undo a Trait or Reset Traits

Would it be possible to reset a troop or weapons traits or undo the last one?

Reason, some of the last traits are better to not be selected. This is usually found out after you advance in the game.

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“This thread is very like a whole bunch of other threads where players have asked the same thing and been met with indifference by the Devs”


Being able to toggle traits on and off would be great but will probably never happen. It’s just too much info the game would need to remember for every player.

Best we can do is bring specific troops/weapons to the devs attention and then MAYBE in like 4 years time they will be fixed like doomed blade and club.


The toggle feature would be great!

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I wish. I think this could apply to weapons as well, especially ones with a random transform.


Especially when you’ve got an enemy on 1 life remaining who suddenly gets transformed into a full armour and health Giant Toad :rage:

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Please implement this feature even if it would require some resource to undo the upgrade/trait. I now really regret upgrading essence of evil all the way.

The traits and upgrades are already stored, on boolean flag needed per troop/weapon
The flag would be “isFullyUpgraded”, if it is true the same data structure could be used to toggle traits which stores the upgrades. Yes it would require to upgrade a weapon/troop fully to access this feature.

I think the trait handling code already queries the traits, at least at the start of a battle, but stun turns off traits so this would not be so much different.