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Treasure Hunter Achievement should be changed

Treasure Hunter Achievement should be changed from 2 safes to 1. Changing the starting keys from 15 to 8 is not fair for new players.

  1. It is harder with fewer moves.
  2. However, Lots of people have unlocked it after the change. (Including me!)
  3. The Guild update will give you a chance to increase the number of moves in TH (if you complete the Statue)
  4. Just keep at it, you’ll get it.

It makes the achievement harder, no doubt, but it’s still very doable.

I don’t play treasure hunt very much, and I’ve probably gotten 2 vaults 4-5 times since the update. I’ve gotten 3 vaults since the update once as well.


I understand but they should still scale it to be equal difficulty. Or make everyone else do it again. How many extra moves? I am in the #7 ranked guild.

If you want my achievement:



In that case you are in my guild if you are on Xbox :smiley:

After the guild update, if you complete one of the statutes, you will get…I think +6 moves in treasure hunt? Not positive.

Yeah depending on what level your Green Guardian (Task Statue) is at, you’ll get up to +6 extra turns (our guild is at level 78 and we get +4).

Sounds good. I should just wait until the update instead of beating my head against the wall. The first game I tried, I had 120 moves and 1 safe. In 25 tries after that I think the max I had was 75 moves.


No: Do one or two TH games a day MAX when you sign in to get experience and practice in preparation for the update.

Yes: Don’t play to frustration (new drywall will take time away from Gems)

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Yeah those extra turns can make a huge difference.

Looking at the screen shot threads, many have been able to reach such a feat, and with the guild update (out yet or no?) you will have more turns to work with.

over 200 moves gets you only 2 gem keys on xbox - yes I remember gem keys. treasure hunt is now a futile exercise.

  1. No, its not out yet but “soon”. “Soon” probably doesn’t need to be in quotes at this point. :grinning::grinning::grinning:
  2. I posted the additional information about the Guild update because if I can do it in 8 turns, anyone with a few extra Maps should be able to do it in 14 (8+6). FYI: I avoid TH entirely except for the do 5 Task.