Tips for being guildmaster?

I would like to adopt some opinions from here, and maybe system of how you run your guild.



That’s brilliant advice too Nono, I truly will take that on board and will create a facebook page so people can talk to me personally. Thank you sooo much to you and direwolf, I actually feel a lot better about being GM and a little excited :triumph:

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All advice is greatly welcome here psydotogist and that’s what I need to discuss with the rest of the team,

I was thinking of making the hardcore players recruits so they can more included and hopefully take the pressure off of me to recruit :relieved:

And last piece of advice and I do find it one to be quite important.

Whatever you ask from your guild, you have to do it yourself too. If you set your requirements to be 250trophies, well you will need to ensure that you go above that every week. (Or a least meet it)

I believe I covered everything :slight_smile:


Nono you are amazing and defiantly covered everything, I love this game way too much so will complete all challenges. I’m so glad I posted as now I know what I’m doing. so many thanks :slight_smile:

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Be consistent in enforcing guild rules. You can be casual to hardcore, and as long as people know everyone is being treated equally well, they can decide if they fit the guild or not.

If you get a poisonous person, kick them sooner rather than later. There can be people that are excitable and may say something dumb in the heat of the moment, and then there are the poisonous ones who will insult their guildmates continuously.


The most important things have been said :

  • listen to your guildmates
  • be clear about what you want for your guild and inform your guildmates clearly
  • communicate
  • be sure that you can make your own requirements

For recruiting, it is a matter of tastes. I prefer the forum to global, because I like to discuss quietly with the applicants and gather some information than recruit someone I know nothing about and have some bad surprises. Having people helping you for recruiting is a good idea, requiring the advice of some guildies you trust on the potential recruits can help too, but the final decision should be always yours, I think, because only you know what you want for your guild. The same could be said for all the important décisions.

There is a fine line between funny competition/motivation and stress/pressure that should never be crossed. I never create myself competition Inside the guild, I prefer to let my guildmates do it by themselves and decide how far they want to push it. I am rather in favour of having everyone working together on common goals that are not too easy, so there can be a little challenge but not too difficult to achieve so people don’t get disheartened.

  • become yourself a good example you want ppl to follow, also the members who you see beiing a good example - promote them

  • make sure to be online often enough to see the guild mates responses and if you cannot - assign someone who will do it, so they never feel abandoned

  • encourage ppl for the good actions they take, and encourage them for encouraging each other, like thanking for guild keys purchase or noticing their high donation or pvp score

  • make sure the rules/policies you want ppl to follow are clear and visible (you can set some short version of it in the notice on top of guild chat )


Do what you say you will, so your guildmates can trust you and believe in you. Help them progress in the game if you can. For example, in our guild we compltetd blue tasks first the week so everyone could get dragon armor if they didn’t already have it. We’re doing the same next week for celestial armor. I freely admit that I stole this idea from someone in global chat who mentioned their guild had done it; I’m sorry I can’t remember who it was.

Be the kind of guild master you would want to follow.


that’s a good point about a poisonous members, I will keep an eye out often. I wont be tolerating that esox :unamused: The game is meant to be fun and not a battle ground :slight_smile:

Make you set CLEAR and REALISTIC goals for the guild.

Recruiting isn’t just a hassle, it can become a full-time job if you’re regularly turning over membership.


Remember it is a game - not something that goes on a resume. Things happen in life that affect folks ability to even get in touch with people.

Don’t be a jerk, don’t let the title become something more than it really is. I know that everyone above has mentioned listen to your guildmates, be kind, and such. However there is a dark side 'guildmasters" the one that you put some authoritative value on your word instead of guidance. Treat everyone (new and seasoned) as if they have a brain, they are there to contribute and are valued. Be clear up front; If you want rules about additional activities such as giving advice, answering questions, strategy in game, even if it differs from others.

And remember at the end of the day, it’s just a game. The people become friends, if you make your guild something to be friends with.


You’ve already gotten some great advice in this thread. The only thing I would add is that there will come a time when you’ll need to kick someone. I’m sure I’m not the only GM that doesn’t feel awesome about this process. However, it is necessary, especially if you plan to have a guild that progresses.

If you set requirements, make sure that you hold people accountable. One of the quickest ways to lose good players is to let them see you not kick slackers or to see you play favorites. That said, always make sure to remember people have lives. So, have people let you know when they are on vacation/sick, and keep a list.

Speaking of communication, guild chat is incredibly unreliable. So, you should make sure you have reliable outside game communication. I set up a private forum for my guild. Some people use Discord or Facebook. If you want to keep it really simple, you can use a mass PM on this forum.

Also, good luck with your guild! :smile_cat:


Lots of great advice here so the only additional thing that I didn’t see mentioned already (though I skimmed so forgive me if I just missed it) would be to setup an additional area for your guild to communicate as communication is key and, sadly, the in-game chat is severely lacking. This could just be your own guild chat page here on the forum or, and this is my personal recommendation, set up a Discord server for your guild. They’re pretty easy to setup, free and easy to maintain.

Other than that, I think the other posters have you covered. Welcome to the wonderful (and sometimes stressful, lol) world of Guild Management. If you ever have any specific questions about running your guild or setting up Discord, feel free to PM me and I’d be glad to help where I can. :slight_smile: Good luck and have fun!

Edit: And I immediately noticed after posting that @Ashasekayi mentioned this exact point in her post right above me! Lol. We can all guess who hasn’t had enough coffee today. (This guy)


Have fun! If running the guild gets too stressful then stop. This is meant to be a fun activity to do. You can always choose to step down as guild leader or change the way the guild works.


Thank you, Eso! I was just going to put that in as advice myself, but you said it well. :smile:

And… As much as you treasure each person in your Guild, make sure they know it’s still a Guild and everyone is subject to the rules; that if the rules (which would best be agreed upon and well understood by all members) are ignored or violated, that there are and will be consequences.

Sounds a bit mean, but I think you’ll garner more respect for sticking to your guns and showing you can make the hard calls when necessary.


Yup, some fine advice from some fine GMs here. I definitely echo the point where it’ a game and it’s meant to be fun, once it starts becoming a chore that’s where people start losing interest and leaving/complaining etc.

Yes, people have real lives and you should make allowances for people going on vacation, having crunch times at work, family matters etc. If this happens once every couple of months that’s fine, but if it happens way too often (I’ll leave you to be the judge of that) then you need to speak to that person and see what’s going on.


I just started a guild a little over a week ago and wanted to thank @Vanessa202 for creating this thread because the advice put here by everyone is very helpful to me as well as anyone else starting out.

I would also like to thank everyone for posting their advice. I have been in 3 guilds and everything posted here was part of each one and benefited the players as much as the guild itself. Awesome stuff. :thumbsup:


moved it to community guides :slight_smile: