This game is terrible

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Because we like the game?

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What wall? Progression through kingdom quests?

What specifically happened?

Please elaborate.

Which Legendary?

None of the above happened to me and I once found the game fun.


Can’t play without souls can’t get souls without playing. Glaycion. Robbed of extra turns when not frozen. Log in rewards didn’t count so I lost a day and someone told me they don’t care so I won’t even get it.

GoW is a grind, you can’t expect instant success.


CANT PLAY… without souls. Can’t get souls without playing. Oh so just wait a year without playing and collect the over time stuff?

Grind souls then, it’s not rocket science. You have to put the time in if you want to succeed.

How do you get souls without playing?

For souls you can play Arena, use soul gaining troops in your battles, use Necromancy troops to increase the cap and gain bonus souls, get Celestial Armor for 100% soul gain from every battle… There are plenty of ways, but none without actually playing the game.


And I would insta lose all those. Welp, thanks for trying. I guess the game doesn’t want me to play. But hey nothings for everyone. Know any other gem match RPGs? Or at least what this genre is actually called?

You can always try the OG game, Puzzle Quest.

Regarding your other concerns:
Souls: I only started this game in January and didn’t have any problem with souls early on. You don’t need to level up every troop. You could always wait until this weekend to farm Explore for Gnomes and that’ll boost many of your resources.
Glaycion: Were you referring to a 13 month old post where the dev replied that it was fixed in 3.6?
Frozen: Can you confirm that none of your troops frozen? The mechanic is not intuitive. If your last troop is Blue and frozen, any extra turns for 4/5 blue gem matches will be lost. It doesn’t matter if that troop got any of the mana or not.
Login reward: I’d still submit a ticket regardless of what that player said.


Another example of “I want it right now but don’t ask me to do anything to get it.”

I’ve been playing this game for almost 5 years. If it’s not fun for you, maybe it’s not your kind of game. But this kind of griping after only 2 days is absurd.


I’ve been playing for 12 minutes, increased to level 3, used two brown keys, and I still don’t have any mythics :rage:


If it’s fixed it’s still doing the same to me. I didn’t check the time. Someone else told me about it when I asked. Only played for 2 days now. It’s happened enough to make absolutely sure. I already deleted.

Well since you’re still on the forum, mind linking the post? I didn’t see it when I skimmed through the other thread.

I don’t know the post or if there is one. Someone in the game told me that’s why and they had trouble with it earlier. Or am I misunderstanding what you are asking?

I’m sorry to hear that you’re not enjoying Gems of War. Trying Puzzle Quest was a good suggestion, you might find it more to your liking?

Gems of War is a big, long, grindy kind of game, which means that it isn’t for everyone.

It is likely that you were frozen and this led to missing an extra turn on a 4 match. As mentioned earlier, it isn’t always intuitive and there is a lot to learn early game. We are working on ways to make this easier for our new players moving forward.

In regards to the AI, we have tested it extensively, and continue to do so from time to time. It doesn’t cheat against the player, in fact, at lower levels it actually cheats in favour of the player. You can read a more detailed break down on this here.


This may have been helpful for somebody only been playing for 2 days, There is a lot to learn about the game for new players, I guess it can be overwhelming and put people off,

Assuming they didn’t already know all this stuff… but if this is not the match 3 game you were looking for, then fair enough :slight_smile:

Sounds to me like someone needs to get a little better—all your complaints are that you can’t seem to succeed at the game, whereas there are plenty of other people on this forum who repeatedly demonstrate they can :rofl:

EDIT: And demonstrated the same when they were at the exact same place as you: two days in with crappy cards and not a clue.

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