Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


Don’t you know we have to keep this game clean.


Weekend crashed out events…


That has happened to me far more times than I’m comfortable with. Starting to think only way to go is 100% upgrade chance

Also, because I work a lot, I have 32 sigils for raid and around 15 or so for delve I was going to use today… Thanks servers.


The enemy is Entangled and it has Hunter’s Mark.
My top character is Enraged (thanks Divinia).

I match one Skull and two Doomskulls expecting to hear “JOOOOHN CEEENNNAAA!!!” :star_struck:
It misses, because the enemy has Agile… :neutral_face:


lol 20% chance


Yeah, it was more frustrating because of the built-up expectative for the damage… Also i wish Entangled could disable Agile. But well, that’s life… :sweat_smile:


On the counter side of that, I wiped out an enemy’s Gorgotha and Glaycion with my entangled Divinia using skulls and 'splosions.


That seems to actually be a bug then or at least unintended behavior. Agile should not procc against enraged skull hits since enraged troops ignore the traits of the target.
Now i have no idea if that has been this way since enrage was introduced (never payed attantion to that happening) but this is something that either needs to be fixed or the enrage effect description needs to be corrected.


I think someone had a similar experience with this in the past, it’s just that Enraged description is inadequate in my opinion, it should only prevent damage reduction from Armored traits, but Dodge/Agile are things that prevent the hit in the first place. All the tooltips, and Wild Plains, must be reworked/updated properly asap…


Enraged does protect from Bone Dragon’s trait which technically also triggers before the matches happen(you get frozen and your extra turns from 4-match skulls denied, without being enraged) so i don’t see why agile shouldn’t be affected. Some official statement on that issue along with a Wild Plains rework would be welcome.


The enemy had a Magnus at bottom under the Hunter Marked + Entangled Monkey Disciple and now i’m in doubt. My top troop was Diseased among a lot other effects and i think it was Enraged, or maybe i just didn’t paid enough attention on all effects over it…


Well then let’s focus on the things we know for a fact: a Wild Plains rework is in order, the sooner the better!


Mimics always seeming to devour my Kerberos and Dragon Soul in delves. All I want is to be a little greedier in delves.


I will lose 4 90% chances in a row or end up facing 10 Goblin teams that loop for 20 minutes before killing me on turn 1 in one day.

But nobody sympathizes with my luck because when I drop 50 event keys I get both Nimue and Undine.


Same here. Undine was the last mythic I needed too.


I spent just shy of 900 events keys I had stashed and no luck. I should have crafted him since he is also my last non zuul mythic. Oh well, next forge rotation I’ll grab him


Collecting a mail with 4 Chaos Shards…


Oh my god that’s right, I can 100% top that.

Collecting “defense” mail with 68 or something souls (varies with VIP level). “You defended your kingdom, here’s a [worthless] reward!”


Not my fight but a guild mate.

Now what would cause the hero to stay alive?

He also summoned a bandit after dying…

Definitely would be good to see a video of that match.

He ended up winning it at least.


Plot armor?