Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


Agree with this. However I imagine from a developer standpoint it’s much easier to nerf 4 troops every now and then as opposed to buffing next to 400.


That’s true. But don’t forget the dev team make a living on the game. It’s not a volunteer work. We pay our time and money to the game. Their hard work would get return. Vice verse.


Keeping it on topic, this is something that annoys me when playing the game. Only having a select few viable troops out of such a large pool due to Kingdom reworks being put on the back burner.


One simple and quick alternative solution for this.

Take off Hero from Arena, Allow select banner. Enable all troop traits. Adding a legendary troop option. This would make game back to its fun mode.


Even post nerf, the sad muppets that caused it still set it as their def.


Lots have switched it to Ketras rather than Ubastet.

Apparently uniqueness escapes so many people.


Wait for 9 days and everyone will switch ketras out for the new Mythic with a 8% chance to kill on a 4 or more gem match. Think about the possibility of combining this mythic with a gem converter or a gem storm invoker like Infernus. As well as adding in Divine Protector or Dawnbringer. I’ve seen Infernus causing a lot of 4 or more red matches.
So, think about this new team: Gorgotha, Infernus, New Mythic (Magavore), and Dawnbringer.
Also, The Possessed King (Oct) and Fallen Valdis (Nov) new mythics also look very good.


The rng is really something uncontrollable. 8% instant kill, it like 12.5 turn of 4 match trigger once. And it depends how 4 match calculated. If on board you have 3 separate match. Does it count as 3 or just 1 4-match? That’s a big difference. Have to see the real fight to test how good the new mythic is


Talk to Tacet and he will tell you how good it is and what works best with Magavore.
Tacet streams live on YouTube a lot.
Magavore’s base magic destroys all enemy Armor and does Magic +7 damage to an enemy.


Well, I am talking about its rng chance. I think we are talking two different things.


The trait triggers once every board calculation. Three 4 match on the same board counts as one. They changed it a while ago to nerf kraken/mab

Edit: Found the source 3.2 Patch Notes


Thank you @noob!

Found it on the 3.2patch notes

" Bug fixes

Major * Gem matching traits will only trigger once per board match calculation"


4x megavore :thinking:


Unless a lethal damage prevention trait is added for player use. But if they did, it would probably be only zuul.


Probably someone else wrote it here but how insane is to not be able to keep your class in the guild wars? I am forced this week to keep my main class when I could easily train another class because you know…I don’t have all the cards in the game so I need my hero in many guild wars teams. This to me is absolutely ridiculous, a horrendous feature that should not exist. I must change freely classed without actually changing the teams I have for PvP…this is insane, greedy, money grabbing and I could go on…


Who wants to start a crybaby of the day award???


My biggest issue right now is the enemies for the Pet Rescues. Last battle I was in, managed to kill only one opponent, the other three got to about 50-60 Shield, 70-80 Health, and one got to almost 30 on attack, even with my highest level weapon and characters, only able to do about 10-15 points of damage.

I understand the pets are part of a game mechanic, but why the heck are they so damn OP? And this was Battle 1 of 8? I don’t do game design, but I know about power creep and difficulty curves. The first battle should be relatively easy to complete, with the difficulty ramping up a percentage the further you go up. So battle 1 should be say 12.5% harder than a traditional level. Simple math 1/8=12.5 and etc, so by the final battle, should be a lot harder.

By having these high difficulty curves on these events, even the exploration events, you will upset a portion of the player base and those players will usually get frustrated and stop playing the game. This is not the first time I’ve experienced this. Every time it does happen, I honestly stop playing the game for about a week or so and only come back in to get the logon rewards and maybe play a Treasure Hunt or two.


Get Infernus YESTERDAY! Don’t wait.


Goto YouTube, search gem of war Tacet, pet rescue for lower level player. Many options available


All the crybabies in this game!
Nerf Infernus, he’s too powerful.
Nerf Ubastet, he’s too powerful.
PvP is too hard.
GW is too hard.
etc. etc. etc.

I have a great idea, why don’t we nerf crybabies for crying too much!

Who wants to start a crybaby of the day award???

Obviously the thing that makes you frustratingly angry playing GoW is reading what makes others frustratingly angry playing GoW.

Besides the wish for a better ingame chat I´m perfectly fine atm. Hope Megavore doesn´t cause the same issues last meta did - PvP was enjoyable diversified last days.