Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


The most frustrating thing is Divine Protector. It may as well just be given a spell effect of “you win”. At least it would save me 30 seconds, since as soon as it is cast, I never get another turn. Who thought it would be a good idea to give that thing the capacity to create THIRTY gems???


And you used to be able to start then quit map and still get credit.


Kinda agree, Starting status effect talents are among the dumbest things that came with the Hero talent trees, along with Bandit spam. Pure annoyance.





Kinda agree, Starting status effect talents are among the dumbest things that came with the Hero talent trees, along with Bandit spam. Pure annoyance.

Sounds like Sour Grapes to me.


How do sour grapes sound?


Squishy (less than 10)


That’s a bit vague, i’m going to have to buy some tomorrow to hear for myself.


What’s frustrating is losing a Dungeon battle you’ve easily beaten dozens of times before just because the RNG system feels the AI “needs a win” today, at all cost. So, on their first turn, everything is powered up, they devour one of your troops, maybe two, and then proceed to Skull and Spell spam/slam the crap out of you until you’re dead or quit out of frustration.

It’s happened to me a couple times.

(Isn’t RNG grand? Pfft.)


At least the AI “chose” to win a dungeon instead of a gw or delve battle


Well yeah this is kinda the point of this thread isnt it? :slight_smile:


I was so angry tonight when I went 5/0 in GW but only got 8300 points. After checking my defences and seeing I was only using 22 unique troops I realised the dragon team I just started using today that I changed 2 troops in was the team I was using as todays GW defence. At least it happened on my second account in bracket 117 instead of my main account in bracket 3.


Its Vault Event and i found only 2 gnomes in 30 minutes…


I woke up at reset, did like 20 minutes of cpvp found one gnome – went back to bed! :wink:


nothing needs to be said :neutral_face:


Cockatrice and Worm Tunnels at higher levels. Why?

Cockatrice removes all your mana and feeds itself all for 10 mana… oh and it entangles you making your team far weaker if you have a caster relying on everyone’s attack. Seriously, he shouldn’t be allowed to feed his own mana back or make it so he has a higher cost because it is just ridiculous.

Worm Tunnels too. If that is the center room, just bail out. Lost all 3 delve attempts because of them. The Ice worm and Rock worm just do far too much damage and Cockatrice is just a major troll at preventing you from casting ANY spells once it gets active (By the way, 10 mana cost…) which feeds himself and the Rock Worm.


And here I thought pets were random. I feel like I see the same ones all the time!!!

Never spend a gem on a pet. Not one!


HOLY WHY!!! i had Queen Titania At level 19 and she has been always at Mythic since the day the kingdom came out!. I feel so dumb.Thanks buddy :smiley:


Some people are very resistant to change and fight against improvements to the game for the good of devs and players alike. I guess that gets to be my gripes of playing GoW, the player base?

History is fun


What frustrates me?

That @Santandrix boy, over here, has sooo many Mini Mimics, yet I am struggling to get him to Mythic.

And, before anyone says anything:

My guild is really active with pets, but I can’t get a pet that doesn’t pop up. I’ve seen it once. That’s it. Not including the Wednesday All Day Pet Events, of course.

Wish you could send those over to me, man. I really need them. Haha.


Sorry. Just triggered this. :wink: