There's a Troop and Essence Of Evil that breaks the game

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Stringfiddler? :thinking:
They do syngerize well but i wouldn’t call it “game breaking” in anyway…
Again with any teams i can think of 2 or 3 counters for it.

There’s a thread on the forums that’s 100% “click bait”. I’ll reveal it when the community guidelines are updated.


Is it Vash’Dagon?

*deadpan* its the hero.

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Pilgrim, it’s got to be pilgrim!

This one weird trick breaks the game!

Doctors hate it when people use this weapon.

Hot local game-breaking troops are looking for YOU!

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If it ain’t got content, it’s spam.

Yup. Either open a topic with substance or hold your peace. As it stands, there is nothing to discuss here. Closing.