There is a MAJOR bug going on and it's affecting/affected my guild war

The bug is there is a difficulty setting in guild wars. Also I was playing a person who was not in your guild as well.


Anyone on console is welcome to look at the pinned video on my profile on xbox one. Gamertag Mrs Affects I also shared it in both Gems of War clubs. I have two videos in my feed of this. How do I tag the developer who plays on console so they can view it. Video to large for the forum?

@Alpheon Here are some pictures. Which developer plays on console? I have two 5 minute videos in my feed.

Hi @MrsAffects, thanks for the report! Unfortunately we found the cause of this bug in the PC version after we had updated the console. We’ve already applied a fix and it will be fixed in the next update. The cause we found was entering a Casual PvP pre-battle screen and then going to Guild Wars, regardless of whether you fought the battle or not. It may have only been reset by entering a Ranked PvP match I believe. If you didn’t look at any Casual PvP opponent before your Guild Wars battles, let us know and we’ll make sure our fix works in that instance too.

We did watch the video you supplied on your account (thank you for that!), and couldn’t quite tell if the above steps applied to you, so just letting you know. Until the update is out though, we would recommend that if this does happen that you set the difficulty back to normal for the fight.


Hi @Alpheon so we need to wait for 3.1 to see this bug and Justice fixed? Any idea how long it will take?

Unfortunately so, sorry :frowning: And I’m not able to give any concrete details on the time of release at the moment. Longer than you’d like, probably (which I assume is basically always the case).


I was playing explore mode in the video and then went to guild wars. I had to lose on purpose by setting it that high so I could catch the bug on film for you. :cry::cry: @Alpheon


Glad that I could help.

Lol i know you can’t give a specific release date, but we talking about 3-4 months? Or more?

Should be within 3 months at worst.

@MrsAffects: And we appreciate it! It’ll help us track down new issues :slight_smile: Hope it didn’t cost you the day, though.


Alright thanks for the answer, please release some nice troops until then, so we can see something else then Justice :stuck_out_tongue:

@Alpheon what about the player in wrong guild in GW? You guys found a fix for this also?

It’s happened to couple guild when fighting the first GW battle, sometime this person is on the previous day guild and got better stats then a soldier

We’re looking into it and should be fixed in time for next week’s Wars.


Thanks again for the quick answer, you guys rock!!!

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I was apparently fighting Thieves guild members when we were supposed to be fighting The Unforgiven. Will this be fixed as well.

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Dine is a member of Thieves as well. @Alpheon

LOl funny we are suppose to be fighting unforgiven also

Everyone in your picture is from thieves except the first one ooprello

This was yesterday. I was like “Wait WTF” :joy::joy: