The Unforgiven (rank #1) seeking one strong GW player!

Would you like to join the Unforgiven? While pushing for first, we have placed 2nd the last two wars and 3rd for several before that. At least 500+ gems! You must have a proven score of 50k+! Let me know if you’re interested!

Reqs during guild war are 1 mil, 200T, and max seals.

Non-GW weeks as follows:

Combination of:
•50T and 2.5 MIL
•100T and 2 MIL
•150T and 1.5 MIL
•200T and 1 MIL
Seals: 1,500
Guild Wars: 50,000, Sentinels to 5
Raid: 7,500 damage
Towers: 75
Dooms: 40

We have multiple guilds and flexible reqs so don’t hesitate to reach out and join the best guild family on Xbox!

Discord: AerisaHale#3856
GT: AerisaHale

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Ready to compete for first in GWs?

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