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The Sons Family - Anarchy, Chaos, Guns - Like to compete and be rewarded for your efforts? Come see us!

Sons of Anarchy - GM Discord: Allissa#5641
#1 Active Guild in Gems of War
#1 Guild in LTs - (Rolling 4 week average)
70+ LTs Weekly, 200+ on Gold Dump Weeks
Requirements: 2 Million Gold, 1500 Trophies. Event Participation. Key Mythics Acquired.

Sons of Chaos- GM Discord: Mufflo #9753
The Hyper Active Fun Guild Rank 80 and Climbing!
20+ LTs Weekly
Requirements: 1.5 Million Gold, pulling full weight in guild events.

Sons of Guns -GM Discord: JohnOe (SonsofGuns) #1411
Mid-Level Development Guild Top 100 in Weekly Trophies!
All Epic Tasks completed weekly, 40-60 LTs monthly.
Requirements: 500k gold, 500 Trophies

Family Discord Link, See you there!

Fact Check our claims here:
Trophy Rankings: https://www.taransworld.com/GuildRankings/
LT Rankings: https://www.taransworld.com/GuildRankings/main.pl?r=level


You made it look like Allissa is currently on waitlist with SoA. Was that intentional, @Goodly ? :laughing:

PJ here. Dropped in to say hi. :wave:

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lol, just followed the (Guild, GM, Recruitment Status) template. Thanks for the feedback PJ, maybe it’s more clear now?

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Perfect. I missed the opportunity to play in SoA, but I found myself back into original home guild alliance.

Sons of Guns - 2 Spots Available

There is a great opportunity to join this incredible guild family. Sons of Guns has two spots currently available.

Minimum reqs are 600k and 500t weekly.

Sons of Guns have completed Legendary Tasks for 7 straight weeks, including 17 LTs this past week.

Guns have moved up over 400 spots on the trophy leaderboard in the last 6 months, and has routinely finished in top 50 in weekly trophies for several months, including 37th last week.

Joining the Guns means joining an active guild, as well as an active Family where you benefit from the team building, honor sharing, advice on events, and general support of a 90+ strong community of players.

Sons of Guns are made-up of a mixed of veteran players and up and coming players looking for an active guild where you continually get rewarded for your efforts.

If you are interested, please dont hesitate to either join our server https://discord.gg/PkANRZY or DM JohnOe (SonsofGuns)#1411 or message me or Goodly here on the forums.

Happy Gemming everyone,

Now 1 spot left available in Sons of Guns.

Get in touch if you are interested!!

We currently have spots open in Chaos, 1 now but can move people around if you want to join us together with a friend!

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Sons of Guns are now full again.

We do have one spot in Sons of Chaos.

They finished 49th in weekly trophies last week. They complete several LTs every week, complete all events and so get all the rewards, the reqs are gold focus with 1.5mil in donations.

If you are interested, join our server (see oriignal post) or contact one of us on Discord or here on the forums.

Happy Gemming.

Dear Fellow Players -

Sons of Chaos has a pair of spots available.

It is ranked 78th, although in terms of activity, it finishes most weeks in the top 40 in weekly trophies, currently 36th for the week with 54k trophies and counting.

It completes every single event, so receives every reward from those. It averages around 15-20 LTs weekly. The guild is made-up of a mix of veteran players and up and comers, working together in a fun atmosphere.

In line with that, it has a very relaxed GW experience (bracket 18), for those looking to either practice as they get stronger or those who dont want a stressful GW week once a month.

Being part of the Sons family means access to all the great advice, teams, and camaraderie of the 90+ players from around the world.

If you are interested, please dont hesitate to either join our server https://discord.gg/PkANRZY or DM Mufflo#9753 or message me or Goodly here on the forums.

Happy Gemming,


Do you like getting lots of Legendary Tasks every single week?
Do you like the thought of not having a lot of pressure from Guild Wars?
Do you like to grind hard during vault event?
Do you want to be surrounded by a hungry group of players having fun pushing themselves and each other?
Do you want to be part of something special as we chase down the #1 spot in overall trophies?

We’ve now finished first in trophies 25 weeks in a row.
We just set the weekly record of 301,932 trophies last week.
We’ve done over 1 million trophies in the last six weeks.
We’ve had over 1200 LTs over those last six weeks.

Sons of Anarchy is looking for players who can do an easy 4000 to 5000 trophies weekly, with an occasional push week.

Come join the best grinding guild in the game.

We ALL contribute to ensure everyone in the guild is doing their fair share.

If interested, you can join our Discord Server https://discord.gg/PkANRZY or DM our GM Allissa#5641 or contact Goodly or I here on the forums.

Have a nice weekend,

We’re at apacity across the whole family again. But we are always looking for potential new guildmates. If you are curious, feel encouraged to join our Discord server https://discord.gg/PkANRZY, or contact one of us directly.

Have a nice Thursday ahead

1 spot open in Son of Guns. 100% event completion and 100% epic task completion makes for a winning combination. 20-40 LT’s per month. We will sometimes wave gold/level requirements for newer folks with exceptional activity/trophy production levels. We consistently crush our GW brackets with minimal effort, so a great guild to come to if you are looking to grind, but don’t want the stress of high-level GW expectations. Contact us today!! Trophy req same as above, but gold min is now 750k. https://discord.gg/PkANRZY