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The Sons Family - Anarchy, Chaos, Guns - Like to compete and be rewarded for your efforts? Come see us!

Sons of Anarchy - GM Discord: Allissa#5641
[Currently on Waitlist]
#1 Active Guild in Gems of War
#1 Guild in LTs - (Rolling 4 week average)
70+ LTs Weekly, 200+ on Gold Dump Weeks
Requirements: 2 Million Gold, 1500 Trophies. Event Participation. Key Mythics Acquired.

Sons of Chaos- GM Discord: Mufflo #9753
[Open Spots Available]
The Hyper Active Fun Guild Rank 80 and Climbing!
20+ LTs Weekly
Requirements: 1.5 Million Gold, pulling full weight in guild events.

Sons of Guns -GM Discord: JohnOe (SonsofGuns) #1411
[Open Spots Available]
Mid-Level Development Guild Top 100 in Weekly Trophies!
All Epic Tasks completed weekly, 40-60 LTs monthly.
Requirements: 500k gold, 500 Trophies

Family Discord Link, See you there!

Fact Check our claims here:
Trophy Rankings: https://www.taransworld.com/GuildRankings/
LT Rankings: https://www.taransworld.com/GuildRankings/main.pl?r=level


You made it look like Allissa is currently on waitlist with SoA. Was that intentional, @Goodly ? :laughing:

PJ here. Dropped in to say hi. :wave:

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lol, just followed the (Guild, GM, Recruitment Status) template. Thanks for the feedback PJ, maybe it’s more clear now?

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Perfect. I missed the opportunity to play in SoA, but I found myself back into original home guild alliance.