The Realm of the Undead, top 100 guild LT's, 40k seals most weeks, all portals closed in events. Easy requirements. It's a game not a job, let's have fun! CLOSED FULL


The Realm of the Undead is looking for a player who enjoys a team environment.
Minimum level 500
No trophy requirement
750 seals, 1200 in Mythic release weeks
Use your free sigils in weekly events
Play GW battles, daily preferred but no later than 6 hours before weekly reset
No gold until kingdoms are levelled.
Communicate, we have a discord channel, or LINE or guild chat.
Come play with the Cool kidz :sunglasses:
PM me if interested or you have any questions


One spot available for active GW player to join our awesome team.
All tasks completed weekly.


One spot available after weekly reset


We have spots available now.
Join and enjoy the rewards on Monday.


Hi There,
I am lvl 713 and in a guild with 4-5 active members. Would you be interested in having me?


We would indeed love to have you.
Send me your invite code and I will invite you to group


Just finishing the Guild war and happy to join - Code is ROSALIND_6L7M


Okay as soon as you are done and have left your current guild I will send you invite


We are saving our gold for Monday so we can complete tasks, come join now and reap the rewards.


This week we have…
Completed all tasks
Achieved 40k seals
Won three days in GW, looking good for 4
Had fun!
Join the Undead team now!

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Hi Mariana,
I have left the guild


Invite sent
Welcome to The Realm


Stuck in a half dead guild?
Crawl on out of that grave and join The Realm
Two spots available


One spot still available


One spot available on our awesome team


One more place available in The Realm


One room available at the Zombie Inn
Reservations being taken


Have one spot available


This week we have…
Closed all portals in Invasion
Completed Legendary tasks.
We are doing the happy dance in The Realm
One spot available dancingzombie-171x300


Join the Realm now and enjoy a cascade of gems and keys on Monday.
Team strategy for Tower of Doom.