The Guild of Rocks (rank 9) recruiting members

The Guild of Rocks is searching for members above level 1000, Guild Wars bracket 2. Requirements are 250 trophies, 1500 seals, 700k gold, Guild Wars with sentinels level 5 on Monday, all events. 150 Towers, 15,000 points in Raids, 25 Dooms. All guild tasks usually get done by Monday, All Event Rewards are completed weekly as well as Guild Seals to level 6. Come and join the Rocks and share in all aspects of the game. Contact Queen Syn D or melodie rock gamer tag on Xbox live.

Still looking for 2 new members

We have 2 openings left to fill. Contact us at the following gamer tags Queen Syn D or Guild Master melodie rock. We are multi-national with players from France, Germany, England and the US. Come and join us to explore all aspects of the game

We are moving into bracket 1, finally! But sadly we are losing one of our players. We are looking for the perfect fit. Someone who loves the game and working together on strategies and friendships. Our number one requirement is respect for other players and other guilds. If this sounds like a guild that’s right for you and you can meet our minimum requirements message melodie rock gamertag or reply to this post. Thank you and have a great game!

We are still looking for an active member. Contact Queen Syn D or melodie rock gamer tag on Xbox live.