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The Gnomes - silent nerf to their occurrences and reward drops!

127 PvP battles to get a pet gnome, because they nerfed the pet gnome drop rate with every new subsequent gnome type: Devs PLEASE give us Pet Gnomes in explore! 🙏

But of course it’s not nerfed, it’s ‘diluted’.

Self-explanatory Morality.


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In the last weekend I’ve got more pet gnome than in every other Vault weekend.
At least one per hour, in a couple of run I’ve got 3 consecutive pet gnomes in 3 battles

Cpvp, left choice, about 10" per battle


There was about 3 out of our guild doing pvp over the gnome weekend and we had a pet rescue triggered every hour,
Often I was finding a pet gnome and needing to wait til the existing rescue was finished, I definitely found more gnomes (not necessarily vault keys however) this Gnome weekend.

Also, yes, my discord is light themed because I’m colourblind and my filters make discord impossible to read on dark theme :woman_facepalming:


This is so hard to prove because if it’s not illegal for the devs to show us a rate, they will make up any possible reason to justify why they don’t show it to us. Every reason boils down to, “If you knew how low it was and have a simple grasp of probability, you’d be angry and call us abusive. We don’t want to be abusive, so we aren’t going to tell you how it works. You might quit. There’s no other way to resolve this problem.”

So I don’t buy the premise because “I had a bad weekend” is well within the realm of how probability works. I’m using Broker of Greed in the Raid Event because a friend suggested it. He told me, and I quote, “I can’t believe how often it hits Magic or Attack”. So I played enough matches to get to ZG level 60 and it hit Magic twice, Attack zero.

Which is easier to believe?

  • He had good luck and I have bad luck.
  • The devs, who typically can’t write a six-word English sentence without making a mistake unless they pay a native English speaker to translate, specifically tweaked the game so I’d have bad luck without accidentally giving him infinite stats.

Nothing of the sort has been “known”. It’s something that some people continually insist that they “know” better than the people who ACTUALLY know and who have continually explained that there hasn’t been changes to rates.

What you’re observing is a combination of people not wanting to play PvP (so fewer pet gnomes found), more different gnomes (same number of total gnomes but fewer of each individual type) and slower explore/PvP battles (fewer gnomes found per hour because fewer battles performed per hour). Your bad RNG may be shared with others, but clearly not everyone or even the majority. Stop wasting the devs’ time having to explain that RATES haven’t changed every couple days. Beg for increasing rates or where certain gnomes occur all you want if you must but continuously claiming you know the game code better than devs & calling them liars is both getting old and eroding the legitimacy of all other arguments or suggestions you make.


I have not seen any changes in the drops from Vaults that seem statistically off, and I have my personal Vault rewards in a spreadsheet from my last 230 vault runs. A few highlights, for what it’s worth:

  • I haven’t had Cedric’s 15 Event Keys reward in 58 battles now. Based on the 230 vault runs though, the drop rate for it is only 4.3%, but that gets lower and lower the more runs without it dropping I do. Oddly enough, in the 18 battles before those 58, it dropped 3 times. However, statistically weird things like that are bound to happen. For instance, you might think it’s odd to go 58 battles without seeing it. But on the flip side, I also had his 15 event keys drop back to back once.
  • Similarly, Cedric’s gem rewards (100 or 250 gems) is pretty rare at 5.7%. I went 62 battles once without seeing it, yet it dropped 3 times in the 23 battles before that. But again, unless I had tens of thousands of runs to look at, these anomalies are meaningless for making conclusions about changes to the drop chances.

It’s like playing poker and seeing someone get 4 aces and declaring that the deck wasn’t shuffled. Well, we just put more emphasis on seeing 4 aces than we do other things and we ignore the times that we didn’t see that.

It’s very easy with statistics to think something is “wrong” because we don’t see what we expect, when in reality, that’s the thing with drops. You could open 1000 gem keys and get 3 mythics, or you could open 10k gem keys and get none.


Played my first pvp in probably 3 months. 1st battle, gnome. Quitting while I’m ahead :grinning:

I have been trying to get a Pet Gnome for two weeks now in PvP. No such luck. And I had over 5k and 7k pts. They probably nerfed them further. I find no other logical conclusion. The others have said the same.

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ROFL - I highlighted the important part of your post above. You’ve had bad luck, nothing more nefarious than that. I’ve only done 28 PvP fights this week for less than 2k points and got 1. Your “logical conclusion” is faulty at best.


Yeah…there hasn’t been a nerf…since weekly reset for 5/11/2020:
PC / mobile guild: 14 pet gnomes
Xbox guild: 10 pet gnomes

This is guild-wise. Now I can’t say, I pulled these pet gnomes, but as a guild, PGs are dropping.


Your argument holds zero water. Our guild has gotten 5 pets today alone since reset. You need to play a lot more pvp or be in a guild that does if you want to start seeing more pet rescues. Nothing has been nerfed, it’s just the classic RNG at work.


Could be the case, but I am talking specifically about regular weeks without Gnome Vault weekends.

Yesterday I did 336 matches in explore 2 since it takes like 10-20 seconds to finish once.
In 336 explore 2 matches I found in total:
-6700 souls;
-3 celestials traitstone;
-200 fragments;
-14 diamonds;
-35000 gold;
-8 minor traitstone;
-20 blue Ingot;
-12 purple Ingot;
-4 mythic Ingot;
-4000 glory;
-10 gems;
-3 event keys;
-1 vault key (at match 216) then until 336 no vault keys.


So, I’m guessing that for gnome weekend they bump the appearance chance from 1 percent to 2 percent for any gnome?

Wow I really do agree with this post. Every Gnome weekend I get my hopes up thinking yes I might actually see some gnomes!! But nope…after spending hours today playing a mixture of PVP, explore, completing a couple of world’s challenges up to level X, and all I have had is 1 jewel gnome. I played four hours the other day and didn’t get a single gnome of any denomination, as for pet gnomes rocking horse s&&t is easier to find.

They are very streaky … dont see one forever then 4 in 5 fights … the spacing is odd. Vault keys seem diminished – 6 so far.

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336? Oh no! Why am I late to this gnome event? 3+3=6

I was referencing non vault weeks and weekends. I’ve been playing pvp consistently as my main game mode for a little over a year and a half in a top 20 guild and I haven’t noticed a difference in pet gnomes either at my personal play level or the guild as a whole. The only times I see some dips are when less players are playing pvp. Sometimes the drop rate is low for a day or two but I’ve also had them back to back many times. If you aren’t putting up 40k pvp points a week it may be hard to see the RNG level out which I can see how that would be frustrating. I hope you start to see more pets as you play. Wish you better luck on vault weekend!

The problem is the statistics are not corrective. I’ve played cPVP to level a class, and have done enough battles to raise it from 71-92 in the last two days, just to give you an example of how many battles I’ve done. And doing the dailies (when they are worth it). And a few explores to break the monotony.
3 Vault keys. 2 of which came within the first hour. And I had 2 vault keys last event. And 4 Vault keys the event before that.
So i need one of those 37 vault keys in 3 days runs of luck to even it out. I’ll bet an uncomfortable amount of money that won’t happen. Ever.

We have not changed or altered the occurrences or reward drops from what they usually are for Vault Events.