The Elders Recruitment Thread [30/30]


Code domestic violence


Look at what it says in-game under Settings->General, at the bottom of the page. That’s your invite code.


That is what it says


Invite codes are all caps and have no spaces. Also, in case your screen name is some variation of ‘domestic violence’, it’s not a good fit for our guild.


We’re still looking for one new member.


Looking for one more, come check us out.


may i join?
invite code : SIDEATTACK
just come back from a trip…


We are looking for one player, come join us!

Edit: full up again.


We are currently looking for one player, join us!


Looking for one, come join us!

Edit: We are full again.


We’re looking for one new member again!


Come join us, we’re recruiting one player!

Edit: Full.


Looking for one, join up!

Edit: Full again.


Hey there~

You guys sound right up my alley… I am a newer player and my hubby plays as well but I play this like all day nearly and I would love to join if ya have a spot Arie_kwmh. I pvp, raid, do invasions and anything else I can possibly find to do that needs done. I’ve done a lot of youtube homework ;). If you don’t have spot for hubby now, maybe next spot that opens? He’s busy with firefighting a lot of the summer tho. I’d probably easily be able to meet his contribution requirements if need be when he’s on fires for 2 weeks in the forest :slight_smile:

Hope ya get room, thanks


Would love to have you guys but we are full up right now. Good luck!


We’re looking for one new member.


I can definitely make those requirements


We’d be happy to have you, let me know your invite code.


@Trenchfoot Sure my invite code is Acespade


@Acespade I can’t invite you until you leave your current guild.

Edit: we’re full up again.