The Elders Recruitment Thread [30/30]


All interested, either respond here or PM myself on the forums. Let me preface this with “we are not a hardcore guild. Please know that if you join, not everyone is going to be donating 500k gold”.

We have a very family friendly environment with a great group of individuals! I would prefer chatty people that can bounce ideas off of one another. We use discord as an external chat program, but some still communicate through the in-game chat. If you don’t want to use discord, that is okay.

Minimum Requirements (They are small, but that does not mean we don’t complete tasks):

60k gold
600 seals
40 trophies

Guild events are optional, but most people do participate. For GW, we hover between brackets 6-9 so you will receive 8k gold, 100 gems, and 16 GW troops.

What we can offer to you:

340% Daily Bonus
Right now we complete 4-6 tasks (with the occasional legendary task weeks)
We usually get 30k-40k guild seals per week.
Statue bonuses between 120-130.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you can be our next great member!



Bump! Still looking for 1 member!


We are looking for one member to complete our roster. Come join our fantastic casual guild!


We are looking for one member! Come join a profitable yet relaxing guild!

Edit: Full again.


Currently we’re looking for one more member!


We’re still trying to find one member!

Edit: Full up.


We just had 2 spots open up, join us!


Looking for new members! Come join while you can!

Bring your significant others or friends. We have many couples/pairs within our guild!


Morning Bump! Come join our guild!


I would like to join!

lvl 197, hit around 6-1000 seals per week.

invite code = HAMASHU



Hi Anders, we’d love to have you but I can’t invite you until you leave your current guild.


Left it now :wink:


Invite sent.


We have one spot open for a new member!


Hey I’d like to join.

Invite code: CHONKYO_22RD


Invite sent.


Looking for one member right now.


Bumping this thread.


Hey been playing a while love the game haven’t really played seriously but I am ready to start if I can get a chance I’d appreciate it can’t find a serious devoted clan by random clan switch


We’d love to have you! Send me your invite code either here or via PM. Keep in mind the way this game works I can’t invite you if you are in another guild.