TAG The Adult Gamer PS4 - Space for 1 lucky future member


TAG The Adult Gamer is looking for 1 active player for immediate recruitment

Currently Ranked 26th on our way to 700k trophies (probably this week).

We a top guild with our members average level at 1207

We placed 1st in our last GW (Bracket 3 ranked 21) so we will be in Bracket 2 for the next GW (rank 11 through 20 spots)

We finish all tasks on Monday, 40k seals, 10 to 30 LT’s a week (56k seals and 21 LT’s last week) the usual expected stuff for a top 30 (or 50) guild.

We use Discord for the majority of our chat and have players from all over the world. We also use in game chat and have a guild specific community page.

Additionally we do cash draws weekly and usually a special event each month for additional cash prizes (for example last week we did a halloween event and our usual weekly event resulting in over $70 cdn donated to our members free of charge courtesy of myself through paypal)

Member never have to donate to the draws and can opt out of them if they so wish but it is a free draw provided to those that want to join and enjoy the perk of some free $ just playing a game they would be playing anyway.

What we are looking for is a higher level active player that enjoys the game and likes to play all of the events (GW, RAID, Invasion etc) as well as will join us on Discord to maximise their experience with the game and our guild.

Our requirements are some of the easiest if not the easiest for any top guild I will outline them for those interested as they change based on your level but they are ridiculously easy even for a person on vacation or busy with RL to meet.

If you are interested in learning more and joining us at TAG please post below or contact me via PSN at Calv1n.

We also have a sister guild TAG TWO that is looking for recruits for newer players if you want to reach out the TAG TWO GM please PM “Figuren76” on PSN for information about that oppurtunity

Thanks for reading


I’m interested in joining. What are the guild requirements?


I’ll send you a PM and give you the details once I know your level (as it changes based on the level of the member).