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Sultans of Surge (Rank 111) is recruiting. Join an active, yet balanced guild!

Are you looking for a guild that is very active, but doesn’t require all of your resources in weekly contributions or expect you to play for hours each day? Come check us out! We earn 20-40k seals and complete several Guild Tasks per week. (Usually all regular, but not all Epic tasks). Members are expected to participate weekly, and contribute whatever you can. (300k gold, 1000 seals, and 150 trophies are our recommended weekly amounts, but our higher level members contribute much more, and it’s okay for lower levels to give less until they have more resources).

We currently have space for 2 more members. Let me know if you’d like an invite!

Join a guild that’s on its way up — We’re now rank 109 & climbing! And that’s still with 2 members not pulling their weight. Imagine how much we’ll climb with 2 new active members! We are a very active guild with space for 2 more. Let me know if you want in!