Subtle Knives (29/30) looking for awesome friends to join us!


Subtle Knives a Top 1000 guild has a few spots open for some sharp players that can make the cut!

Who we are:

A semi casual guild that is rising quickly through the ranks,
Guild level:194

League Rank: 982

What we accomplish:
20,000 seals weekly, we have been hitting 40,000 at least 1 week a month.

2 + guild tasks completed weekly, we have been completing more as more of Guild members are getting to level 1,000 +

We have had the highest guild wars score in our bracket for every guild war but 1 since the guild was created.

What we offer:

A great team of guild mates to chat and play Gems of War with.

Discord with channels devoted to helping with team building, Guild Wars team building help, and any other questions you may have.

Guild members are very active in all weekly guild events and share strategies on how to make if farther in the weekly events.

What we are looking for:

500 seals weekly Minimum

All Kingdom’s at level 10 or close to it. Minimum of Level 200.

Participation and completion of all Guild Wars battles.

Communication - You don’t need be a chatty person, just let us know when life happens and we don’t kick people when life happens, just have to communicate, our guild members are our #1 resource and we treat each other like people, not machines that deposit gold into our coffers :slight_smile:

Come join us on our Discord server, and chat with @Mikha’el Firebeard#4693 or @Allia :owl:#8504 to join us and our band of merry lads and lasses!


Still have spots open!


4 spots open leave a reply or hit us up on discord to join one of the fastest rising guilds!


updated original post to reflect current stats :slight_smile:


1 spot left! Edited post to reflect that


I am lvl 205, I can commit to 1000 seals and 100k-200k gold per week.

I am still working on kingdoms. I only have 10 at lvl 10 so far - I have probably been contributing too much gold to guilds that are minimally active (i.e. my last two guilds I was the highest contributor and most seals)



Hi Marcellus!

We filled up last night, but if we have a member that doesn’t make requirements by Sunday afternoon, I will message you to see if you have found a home at a more active guild, we prefer that all gold go to your kingdoms until they are all leveled up and don’t expect any gold contributed until our members complete the leveling of thei kingdoms.