Stop the Passes and Time Gating

You are ruining your own game with Passes and Time Gating. That is the #1 way a game destroys itself.

Plus, take the tarot cards out of the Vault or bump up the chances. The Vault is turning into a loot box. How can I get 30 Cedrick’s not not another legendary? The drop rate should be the same. It is just a way to make people frustrated.

Passes = pay walls and forcing people to play a certain way. 2 things we do not like.


You realize the people who make the game free to play for you… that’s their job? Right? Like, do you have a job? Imagine someone telling you to stop pay walling your services and just work for free.

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They made enough money before the passes. Now they are just making players mad at the game. Adding pay wall on pay wall is bad and ruins the game. You logic is invalid. I am giving them feedback that we hate battle passes.

They’re likely not getting the feedback because your thread is uncategorized.

Thanks. Fixed.

I don’t mind battle passes. So I am not included in your “we.”


Some sheep like to be led and defend bad practices. Most like to play however they want.

You can pay 100gems per level in the kingdom pass. So waiting is an option if you have gems. To get gems for free you need to grind, do treasure hunting, collect tributes every hour and so on.

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Company makes product, wants to be paid for product. You want it for free, EXPECT it for free, and call people who pay for it “sheep.” Rofl.


I am not sure about that. With gems you can increase the level instead of farming the battlecrasher.

Pass offers more rewards for each level, but you still need to farm the battlecrasher if you want the rewards.


Accidentally bought 1 level

Yes my point is that you cannot buy with gems what the pass can offer.

Which I think is okay. But that is still an option.

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They “made enough money” is an invalid argument. They have to keep making money otherwise they can’t keep creating new content. Otherwise they would move on to a new game that they could make money from.

That being said, it does stink to have to wait for items, and I’d much rather pay $40-60 up front, then maybe pay for a few DLC later. But I think the xbox vs PC mentality is a lot different. If I can play the game for 2 years or longer before I get everything, then they add new stuff and it takes a few months, or I use some microsoft points to get them quicker, I’m all for it. Games that you pay up front for and then get some new content, eventually go away and rarely get played anymore.