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On an unrelated note, I’m kinda surprised there hasn’t been a Mythic made with “Transform all Gems of a chosen color to Doomskulls”

It would be very simple, but very effective and very mythic…


Agreed, Ishtara seems like too much work at this point, would need a bless-happy hero weapon to save it.

(Still not as bad as Elemaugrim, for what it’s worth. Devs would be better off doing what they did with Elemaug and give Ishtara a completely unrelated 3rd trait rather than what they have currently.)

Find it in a chest. Never, ever use it. Just what everyone wants to see in a mythic.


That’s most mythics these days :frowning:

It’s a tough thing to balance - you’ll only use a new troop if it’s better than something else you’re using, so to make it useful, they have to make it stronger, somehow. But they also need to avoid rapid power creep and the only way to keep that at bay is to make a lot of the troops “useless”.

If you’re a new-ish player, with only a mythic or two, still missing legendaries, then most mythics that end-gamers consider “useless” can actually be very useful :slight_smile: I suspect those players are the main target audience for new mythics.


For me the real issue is when a Mythic doesn’t even work in a niche team. The real balance should be that every mythic had advantages over other in different situations.

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I just want a sidegrade for most of the newer mythics. It doesn’t have to be more powerful


The whole point of a Mythic is for it to be better than all other tiers. In this game 10 or so Mythics fit that bill. The rest hardly compete against even Legendaries.


I agree with you. There’s some Mythics that I have no clue how they got that title and then there are legendaries that are actually better than a lot of the Mythics.

That’s called creative bankruptcy. The developers are not interested in providing a good gaming experience anymore, so they can simply keep pushing more uninspired mythics that only works to fulfill the slot for the second Mythic for each kingdom. They will also keep pushing the same battle system, with shop and reward tiers, they will also place more gated status bonuses with ridiculous requirements like the books of deeds.