(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Thanks. Weird cycle.


From Troop Spoilers. Just read Ba’el’s spell: “Deal [Magic + 6] scatter damage, then jumble the Enemy team”. That will be true nightmare in defense. I hope it won’t appear in rooms (ToD or delves). It comes on Feb 25 in Darkstone.


When next week is Karakoth-week, will Zuul be in the event-chests?


Of course, no. Like previous Karakoth week.


Only for a few minutes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Then he will be taken away and replaced with something of equal value according to the devs like gargantaur or fallen valdis.


Also, do event chests get around the 4 week rule? I’m wondering since the February mythic gets a home stop immediately after his exclusive week.


неа, выкуси, разрабы говорили куй-вам а не зуулгот


I honestly don’t know but I remember a mythic similar to this situation was Voice of Orpheus. I think it was in there, but I’m not sure. Maybe Taran’s site has logs of it still.


Afaik mythics dont follow the 4 week rule. They are in the regular drop pool right after their exclusive week


Well if it’s true, then excess glory will go into event keys, otherwise, it should be spent during the exclusive week.


I can confirm that mythic troops do not have a wait period when event keys are used.

In the link above I got a voice of Orpheus a few weeks after it was released as a new mythic troop.


Cool, this means Tian Yi will be available in event chests on the week of Shentang.


That feels a lot like going on a team building session with Princess Elspeth and hoping she won’t get distracted in some way when it’s her turn to catch you falling backwards. :thinking:


Didn’t quite understand your metaphor. Anyway, I’ll spend some event keys, because there will be a new Legendary from Shentang as well.


You’ll likely end up hurt, because you trusted in something that better judgement should have told you not to. Go ahead and fish for the Legendary, just don’t expect the Mythic to be in the pool unless the devs (and possibly data mining) confirm this to be the true. Newly released Godslayers/Siegebreakers also don’t show in event chests for a few weeks, the Voice of Orpheus handling might be considered a bug that won’t happen again this time.


Well, Vassara has already been in the shop loottable for yesterday’s class event.
That’s surely different to keys, but surprised me anyways.

Also can I confirm the above mentioned appearance of mythics before the usual four-week period, as I have just yesterday gotten a copy of Phoenicia from gem keys.
Don’t quote me on that regarding event keys.


So… Fang moor will be released next weekend. Any updates on that?

Like, will it really belonged to Khetar, thus earning it 13th star. The Faction weapon still suggested that way. Or will it changed to Mist of Scales and earn its 14th star? Either way, both of them will need a Mythic pet, so I would like to know.

I mean, I get it that this Faction’s theme is about Set, an Ancient Egypt’s God of Desert, so it fit with Khetar’s theme. But come on, despite their clothes, they’re Naga in wetland Faction. Shouldn’t it make more sense to be a part of the only Naga Kingdom in Krystara?!

Or, unlike Silvergale’s and Sword’s Edge’s Factions, they are both Undead themed despite having no Undead on the Overworld for some reasons? Oh well…


I wouldn’t hold my breath for an update and really it should be fine as is


Spoiler fans, we just had the biggest spoiler update I can remember at https://www.taransworld.com/

Troops page: 659 modifications
Weapons page: 84 modifications (8 new weapons)
Class page: 1 modifications
Kingdom page: 58 modifications (4 new kingdoms)
Pet page: 4 modifications

Enjoy. :slight_smile: