(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


New Karakoth Mythic is kinda making Zuul’Goth a joke now. Combined forces of Black Beast, Princess Elspeth, and Tesla: that’s so unbelievably strong worthy of being Mythic!


I thought we shouldn’t divide the forums with such polarizing puns.


This bear pun was practically laying on the floor near the fireplace when i arrived.


You mean you just grizzleave it there?


You guys don’t have the koalifications for this kind of banter.


We can’t just panda to everyone’s desire for puns.


I feel like all these grizzly puns are just a case of fishing salmon out of a stream.


Ozball you’re drunk go home. (It’s not even our Christmas party.)


Hello guys. Good night. I admit I’m a little lost, but … what’s the weapon that comes with Friday’s Faction?


The only koalifications I need are the bear necessities. Unless you think I honeed something else?



oooo and undead unicorn!


Yeah, an undead unicorn. And centaur orc also. What next? Centaur goblin? Undead mech?


Bunnicorn, Dogcorn, Bearcorn, Birdcorn, Spidercorn, Humancorn… Ops, ok, ok… :joy_cat:


You forgot Candycorn.


Ok, today a LOT of spoiler changes came now (so many I can’t post screenshots).

69 troop changes, 6 weapon changes, 84 class changes, and 3 pet changes…

Enjoy… :slight_smile:


First thing that jumps out at me is Queen of Sin. Mainly because it won’t jump out later.

Queen of Sin

Mana Color: Brown , Green, Yellow

Ultimate Sin
Deal true damage to the 2 first Enemies. Summon Wrath or Lust, then Bless all Allied Daemons.

Trait #1: Arcane
Gain 1 Magic when an ally casts a spell.

Trait #2: Spell Armor
Reduce damage from Spells by 25%.

Trait #3: Succumb
Enemies lose 2 from a random Skill Point when an Ally casts a spell.

Anyone have any strategies outside of “ehh, it exists” ?

Vash’Dagon :slight_smile:

3rd trait is strong. The spell is very neat, but… that 3:1 ratio makes the spell’s damage output non-existent.


Thanks for the updated classes. That leaves only 3 kingdoms without them: Grosh-Nak, Shentang and Sin of Maraj. So in 2020 we’ll have all kingdoms with classes. What next? Classes for factions? Another 10 kingdoms on the Krystaran map (and classes subsequently added)?


More spoiler info…
I’ve added weapon upgrades to the weapon spoiler page.

Thanks @EliteMasterEric for the idea and input. :slight_smile:


Now we just have to remember what those blasted upgrades all do lol. If I had a choice I’d put tooltips on mouse-over, that might be a little much though.