(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


I suspect it’s a cat from Russian tales, not sure how it was translated into English, something like “Hush Cat” (note he has a cradle).


The only cool thing about this Fang Moor’s Delve map is its design. 5-room Faction is not cool at all! :sob:

@Maxx its pet version is also weirdly adorable!



Is it certain it’s only 5? I look at that and count 9 roughly circular areas…


Or maybe @TimeKnight meant that you need to do at least 5 rooms to defeat the boss? That could be rough at level 400+ even without using the faction team.


The first and last room being set, 3 random rooms between the start and end sounds like hell. Almost like they don’t want people to be able to complete delves without forking over to level 1000 treasure hoard.


I don’t care about the design if I have to do 5-room faction battles. Yuck.


The Boss room is not always put at the “end” of the delve. For example, Primal Tear boss room is located on the bottom part where one could say that it could have been in the middle.


What does that traffic lights -symbol mean? Teleport after 3rd battle to boss room?

Another question, how many gnomes there will still be after this jewel gnome?


But in this case he must be there, otherwise you could never reach the other rooms. There are no alternative ways or we get something complete new… No - bad design :unamused:


I dread if any of those delve rooms get the empowered skull converter… if that happens then delves will be impossible most of the time if it is mandatory.


Best case scenario: the player starts in the middle and can visit different branching paths. Since all other delves have started on the left, that seems unlikely.

Second best case scenario, players start in the top left and the mini-double room is just one battle, for a 4-room faction battle to the top right (dragon head?).


If we start at the head of the dragon and then we go down all the way to leave it by the…


Art for next 2 Factions after The Warren are here!

And theirs starting/boss Delve Rooms’ arts


Appreciate the work TimeKnight!
Hope you don’t mind me pinching your talent’s again :kissing_heart:



the ratman reminds me of them in titan quest xD



(Late answer, sorry, not here much anymore.)
As really cool as this bunny is (though it almost looks injured :cold_sweat:), I am happily not playing anymore and getting me back into it would require quite a few changes back to the casual game it once was. Unless that happens - which it won’t - I will not return. Not even for a million bunnies, crazy as that sounds. Bunnies are awesome animals and don’t deserve to have chores and tasks - they’re busy enough being cute as they are! As a maybe-actually-a-bunny, I therefore don’t wanna tackle a game that is 90% chore at this point.

Also, quite frankly, the fact that we’re not getting lore anymore for the new troops since Lorekeeper I finished instead of going back to the small lore pieces under each newly released troop like we had before basically killed my last bit of interest in the game since it was always the lore that first made me love the game and then killed it down to only-casual-player (forever Ishbaala hate). So yeah… thing’s really over for me, I’m just dumping my last gold into the guild every Monday until I’m out in hopes of getting an announcement about things changing that will never come and because Taran encouraged me to do that instead of simply leaving, but I haven’t even done a dungeon in over a month. I’m done, sadly. :frowning:

Still, thank you so much for still caring - I did actually really enjoy looking at the bunny and learning there will be new bunnies added to the game! :hugs: I do check back ever so often and it really means a lot to me that I haven’t been forgotten yet, which is not the norm on the internet!:blush:


A few spoiler updates came down last night… :slight_smile:

Troops page

Weapons page

Classes page


I’m ready for the Shield of Urskaya, just saying…


Can’t you bear the wait? :skull:


lol I Love this Shield.