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I don’t think so. As I understand, the mode work like Delve, so that there is only one room with Doom troop in the end. (The key/scroll to this room is found by beating other normal rooms)

Having Doom-killer troop would be similar to having 3x-5x damage Construct Slayer in Hall of Guardian as 5th Faction troop, and that would be so imbalance.

But who know, maybe that would be a thing, but as spoiler data doesn’t point to any sides yet, I would still wishing it’s not the case.


I honestly fear/dread what weapons designs the devs will approve as “good” for such events…

Like the Ice Aegis that only works at full power trageting a boss that is immune to everything, can one-shot your troops and won’t even miss out the attack and armor stolen… :neutral_face:


It might be possible these new doom enemies could be Bosses and give Ice Aegis/other boss weapons a proper chance to be used.


many players have been waiting for this

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So with the 4.1 Update stream next week, what are the chances that this Doom event replaces that GW 2 weeks from now? Would be very disappointed if it did, but the timing seems about right…


At Long last! Good news.


Good point, but the weapon could be designed to have its extra effects based on colors, which would extend it’s utility in other events too like GW. With some other minor tweaks to the weapon like reducing the cost and increasing the amount of status stolen it would certainly be a fun weapon to use in classes that favors shields.


I think (hope) that it will go from next week: Raid -> GW -> Invasions -> new event -> Raid -> GW etc.

That will give them some wiggle room with the exact release date.


Salty confirmed two guild wars in October, you get your guild wars twice this month, then it looks like once every 28 days.

The monthly calendar only goes 28 days, the cycle should be one event every 7 days = Raid, Invasion, New Event, Guild wars. Or Raid, Invasion, Guild Wars, New Event. (Might be the the second guild wars this month is followed by the new event, but since patch is up in the air on release, and Salty said it definitely Is Not coming next week during the week of her 4.1 Preview stream, I’m guessing it will be Raid, Invasion (patch being released during Raid or Invasion weeks), New event, followed by Guild Wars).

4.1 could be released the week of the 29th, or the week of November 5th… It does seem odd Salty would preview a new patch a few weeks in advance, but perhaps that’s the way they are going to do things now.


That would be once every 28 days, though? It’s once every 21 days currently.


Fixed, thank you, lol!


I am very anxious to know what the Goblin God will do. :smile_cat:


Haven’t we been over this before? He gets an extra turn when you match 3 gems. Oh and he can’t be stunned. :wink:


I did not see anything about him, I missed those conversations. We already have news of what he does when he fills mana and traits (besides not being stunned)? I’m more curious now.


Pretty sure “extra turn on 3 match” wouldn’t make it past “ideas we got at karaoke night” phase. Safe to assume this is a joke :slight_smile:


Well we don’t know how wild Interns karaoke nights get though.


The Goblin God has the amazing ability of eating the player after any gem match and thus winning the game.


It would be nice if the rewards were decent at least. The “gem equivalent” rewards of pretty much every sigil-based game have been lousy.

Remember back when GoW was a refreshing standout in the F2P space that did not rely on timers, sigils, and other P2W elements? Ah, the good old days…


I had an idea.

I thought it was funny the first time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe not quite enough nightmare fuel …


For me if he had high damage on an enemy increased by the number of allied and enemy Goblins (as does the Queen, but concentrated on a single target) and gaining extra turn would be perfect.

In traits, I hope he allows the Goblins to start with 50% mana and gain some status in combinations of 4 or more gems (as the Queen does, but in another defined status, such as armor or attack).

We can dream, at least.