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Oh you’re right, that’s exactly the same conversions as Nimue. I’d assume this is a draft placeholder and will get finetuned to a colour combo that isn’t done yet. If not, that’d be extremely crap…


Especially after I highlighted existing similarities when Nimue was released. *nod*


When did a dev confirm Primal was becoming an actual kingdom of Krystara?


Probably saw that one Twitch stream from Salty where it appeared on the Krystara map in her dev build and jumped to a conclusion.


I’m just betting a little further. I may be wrong, but I believe I am not the only one with these expectations.


The closest Dev interaction is this one, when Primal appeared in Daily task as a place to explore.

Come to think of it, it’s might be mostly me who spread this rumors… :sweat_smile: But with more data available right now, I don’t think that’s the case anymore.

Another reason I think Primal is next Overworld Kingdom is its completed background work, but it seems like to be belonged to Primal Rift Faction instead, so no more reason to believe that.

Consider how each hidden kingdom work recently, I didn’t think that would happen.

Hidden kingdom will always be hidden kingdom gameplay-wise, but lore-wise, they will all have one place they belong to: Apocalypse - Sin of Maraj/Guardian - Hall of Guardian/Primal - Primal Rift.

They are like secret faction to that place, but still not actual game’s Factions. Each Factions will likely feature original 4 troops created specifically to work together, not pulling from any existing troops.


Thanks for finding that Salty quote on Primal. I thought I remembered that she specifically said they aren’t making Primal or any other hidden kingdom into an Overworld kingdom. But, I couldn’t find the quote. :sweat_smile:


Apocalypse/Primal/Guardians will never get a kingdom. Devs said it many times, we have to give up :stuck_out_tongue: .

Moreover, all of them has more than 4 troops with a weird base rarity distribution so I guess they cannot be Faction too.


Apocalypse has 5 mythics
Primal has 6 legendaries
Guardians has…! 6 commons…

Hmm… not great balance if they were made into kingdoms.


To make amends for spreading rumors about Primal becoming Overworld Kingdom, here is my theory about why it’s not the case anymore.

  1. Primal Explore bug

I though it might be the case of coding from future Kingdom leaking in to current version. Now, I think that might just be a case of a leaking from developer version of game, which actually have all 4 hidden Kingdoms show up on the map.

  1. The Background picture
    (Image with courtesy to nav037)

All 6 Primal troops recently got this as background for troop card’s art instead of the old one. Following the same change with Apocalypse/Guardian, those background become a full Kingdom/Faction background later: Sin of Maraj/Hall of Guardian

On the art commission viewpoint, it doesn’t make much sense to pay for an art that will be use 1 year later, right now instead of later, so it might be for something else. And recent spoiler is pointing that thing to be Primal Rift, an upcoming November released Faction.

The reason?

  • That purple thing look like a “Rift” in space time, so it could be where all those 6 Imps coming from. 4 Faction troops is the usual resident.
  • It’s a forest background with an emphasis on vines, a unique identity of Primal Rift’s 4 new troops, and their sister Kingdom: Forest of Thorns.


Well, I’m a little sad to know officially that Primal will not become a kingdom of the upper world. Indeed, the distribution of ranks among the troops of the hidden kingdoms makes this event incoherent.

I have seen in recent posts comments on the troops of Apocalypse, Primal and Guardians, who would not fit as Krystara realms and agree. I must remember that the Vault is also a hidden kingdom, and like the three mentioned, it would not fit like an open realm.

It does not make me like them any less. On the contrary, I would love for Gems to have more creatures / weapons available only once a year (like some recent Pets, I believe), like the Seasons and Halloween Imps. Ragnagord, in my opinion, should be available only at Christmas, for example. Some may find this unfair to those starting out on those dates in the game, but they will always come back and be ready to battle for these troops.

About Primal, just as Guardians and Apocalypse are linked indirectly to a faction or kingdom (Hall of Guardians and Sin of Maraj), I also believe that we will see a new faction with the background of Primal in the future and who knows, we will find out more about them?

Thanks to everyone who commented. Gems of War has only given me many new reasons to stay active in game and with you around here as long as it exists.


Good afternoon, heroes.

I am developing some tutorials for Gems of War players in my language (Brazilian Portuguese), since many have difficulty with English or even Spanish.
I need some game icons to illustrate these tutorials, but I do not have them. Could someone tell me where I can find the Guild, Raid Boss, Invasion, Guild Wars, Soulforge, Treasure Hunt, Arena, Dungeon, Bounty, Pet Rescue and Victory / Defeat icons in the battles?

I know the English language is no problem for the members here, but many in my country are not aware of it and even so, they love Gems of War, so I really want to help them to remain active and determined in the game.


Let’s talk about 4.1 update.

Saltypetra will be previewing it on October 15th, so its released date might be around Halloween (October 31th).

So, will we have some Halloween-theme new mode on top of guild improvement? The spoiler data of Haunted Tower and 6 Deathmark-based Doom troops would fit nicely to this theme.


What’s the Pet of Tomorrow?



Karakoth kingdom team bonus


Thank you. :smile_cat:


It’s not Halloween related. It is 4.1 related, though.

You’ll find out the answer to this on Monday’s stream. :zipper_mouth_face:


Of all slime related pets the devs could come up we are getting an ugly snotball instead of a glorious Jiggling-Psychedelic-Slime-Cat?
We need to start a riot!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


… There’s a cat in it’s tummy if you look closely?


Poor kitty! :crying_cat_face:

I can never unsee it.