(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


FYI: We just got an update for troop data and weapons.

67 Troop changes
21 weapon changes



Still no dates but we can see that Dragon’s Claw and Zhul’khari are getting raids and Pridelands is getting an invasion.

So those 3 Pridelands troops were not 3/4s of a faction, after all. The rare, Half-Mane, is probably a bounty troop and the ultra-rare, Raksha Free-Blood, is the chest troop. Which means that we are getting arcane shields for glory. Since bounties are every 5 weeks currently, we can guess that the bounty will be 11/30 and the other two will release 11/26. I’m not sure if we can derive any other implied dates.


The Rope Dart weapon will be great for Raids or suicidal. Leaning towards great though.


Based on spoiler data and turintuor’s info (and some Nimhain’s teaser), I think we can predict the next 2 Factions after Sea of Sorrow now.

November - Primal Rift
(Same background as 6 Primal troops?)

Linked Kingdom

  • Forest of Thorns.

Faction weapon

  • Riftblade - TBA

Troops (No info on mana color and traits yet)

  • Dark Dryad (Rare) - Corrupt Nature.
    Steal Armor from an enemy. Transform it into a random Skill and grant it to first Ally.

  • Green Golem (Ultra-Rare) - Nature Core.
    Explode a gem. Entangle a random enemy for every Green Gem destroyed. Gain Life.

  • Redthorn (Epic) - Rose Whip.
    Deal splash damage to an enemy, boosted by Entangled enemies.

  • Alderfather (Legendary) - Forest Heart.
    Transform Red Gems to Purple and Yellow to Skulls. Summon a Treant or Green Golem.

December - The Warrens
(Background probably on Nimhain’s profile)

Linked Kingdom

  • Pan’s Vale.

Faction weapon

  • Warren Weapon (placeholder name) - TBA

Troops (No info on mana color, spell, and traits yet)

  • Trickster (Rare)
  • Bunnicorn (Ultra-Rare)
  • Lapina Knight (Epic)
    probably Nimhain’s current avatar.
  • Luna (Legendary)


Another double gem transformer? Oh no not again…


Weekly Event informations!

Yep, and based on available data and how much each one have them, it would likely be in this order

Dragon's Claw - Raid


  • Lady Garnetia (Blue/Red Epic)
    Power Within
    Deal damage to an enemy, boosted by my Armor. If they are a Boss, deal 3x - 5x damage, based on my Ascensions. Increase a random Skill Point by 3.


  • Volcanic Shield
    Give an ally Armor. Double the effect if the ally uses Red Mana.

Glory troop (Arcane Beast Traitstone)

  • Egg Thief (Red/Green Ultra-Rare)
    Destroy Gems of a chosen Color, boosted by my Gold. Gain 10 Gold. Summon Dragon Eggs.
Prideland's Invasion + Bounty

Siegebreaker (another one?!)

  • Kartek the Climber (Brown/Purple Epic)
    Clear the Wall
    Deal damage to an enemy. If they are a Tower, deal 3x - 5x damage, based on my Ascensions. Decrease Armor of all enemy by 10.


  • Rope Dart
    Destroy an enemy’s Armor, and deal damage. Pull them to the front.

Glory troop (Arcane Shield Traitstone)

  • Raksha Free-Blood (Blue/Brown Ultra-Rare)
    Cat Cleaver
    Deal damage to an enemy. Explode 1 Gem, boosted by my Gold. Gain 10 Gold.

Bounty troop

  • Half-Mane (Red/Yellow Rare)
    Kitten Claws
    Deal damage to an enemy. Deal double damage if their Attack is greater.
Zhul’khari - Raid


  • Tarantella (Purple/Yellow Epic)
    Void Saber
    Deal damage to an enemy, boosted by Webbed enemies. If they are a Boss, deal 3x - 5x damage, based on my Ascensions.


  • Darkshot
    Deal damage to an enemy. Create 5 Purple Gems, boosted by Webbed enemies.

Glory troop (Arcane Spirit Traitstone)

  • Cocoon - (Blue/Purple Unknown)
    Web a random enemy. Summon a random Spider.

And two Guild War somewhere between that.

Bright Forest - Guild War

Legendary troop

  • Tinseltail (Green/Red)
    Candy Blossom
    Give all allies 4 Magic. Then has a 50% chance for each of the following: Deal damage to all enemies; Explode 8 random Gems; Give all allis Life.

Glory troop (Arcane Venom Traitstone)

  • Leprechaun (Green/Purple Ultra-Rare)
    Golden Luck
    Explode Green gems, boosted by my Gold. Gain 20 Gold.
Whitehelm - Guild War

Legendary troop

  • Holy St. Astra (Green/Yellow)
    Divine Spark
    Give Life and Armor to all allies. Create a Lightstorm, and Enchant all Humans.

Glory troop (Arcane Lava Traitstone)

  • Angry Mob (Brown/Red Unknown)
    Destroy random Gems, and Burn a random enemy. Then either: summon an Angry Mob, OR Deal damage to the first enemy.


Any guesses what kingdom will be linked to Sea of Sorrow?

Planning the vault weekend. Sorry if it’s been covered already, search here isn’t easy.


They think it’s linked to Merlantis.


Makes Sea of Sorrow look really great in comparison. What’s the win condition for this group of 4?..


Wishing Dark Dryad’s stats steal to be attack, then spam skull? I hope at least one of them is immune to entangle.

I really like this faction team. It got a troop actually able to scale with enemies’ stats, targeted exploding, and skull-spammer which can summon a troops, with 2 choices from its own Faction and another outside from its main kingdom! Kinda similar to Hall of Guardian, but more random.


From the wording of Dark Dryads provisional spell description i would assume she steals a fixed(magic-determined) amount of armor, not the whole armor of an enemy.
Obviously that is pure speculation on the ambiguous spell description, but it wouldn’t scale with enemy stats in that case.
The team still looks promising with entangle and skullconvert though.


Looks like a worse nimue. (although perhaps slightly better for delve)
Same convert aswell


Yeah, probably that. I got a bit too excited that it be would be steal all. For a Rare card, fixed amount is the best you can hope for.

Still, unlike Ethereal Sentry, once you don’t have any troops with armor, it became useless. But for Dark Dryad, you can steal as much as you want from enemies’ armor. That random stats would be troublesome though.


We have finally some other news about the “Doom of” troops, the spell:
Deal damage to an enemy, boosted by Deathmarked enemies. Deathmark all enemies. Create 8 Gems.

There are also 4 weapons named with “Doomed”… :thinking:

Could it be a new gamemode? Or a new random room in the delve?


My money is on a new week-long event, as I have seen the name “Blight” tossed around in spoiler discussions.


And it will have set numbers of gem matching!


Kind of hoping it’s a placeholder, and that only the purple one deathmarks and boosts off same, while the other colors inflict and boost off of other status effects. All deathmark is kind of dull.


What would you think if Gems of War had medals and titles (which could be applied next to the hero’s name, visible to the player and other players) for in-game achievements? I mean something similar to what we see on Steam and Google Play, though, inside the game, so we could use it as customizable in our hero’s description.
I made a post with this suggestion in the referred topic. I hope some developer sees and is interested in the suggestion.
I play because I love playing and I would love to see recognition for my achievements in the game (and I believe many would like it too). We do not just play for items and resources.


Just saw that the Bright Beetle pet is guarded by Daemons under Primal Rift banner, and the banner is Purple +2, Green +1, Red -1.


I was pondering here. Since the Primal kingdom will become a kingdom of the upper world, ceasing to be a hidden kingdom, the Knights of the Apocalypse could in future be included in the Faction related to Sin of Maraj (considering that they are creatures of the Underworld and are linked to history in the Sin of Maraj campaign) and the Guild Guardians might well be linked to the Hall of Guardians Faction, since of course they are originally from that place.

They are just ideas, but I see many affinities in those links.
Still talking about Primal, when it becomes an open kingdom of Krystara, it will be the kingdom with the largest number of legendary creatures to date.