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No, not Guild Guardians, Guild War Guardians, the group of troops that give boost to color, including: Aurai, Myzmer, Ogryn, Penquin, Peryton and Troglodyte.

Although, at this stage of game, it’s also possible they have nothing to do with Guild War at all, but a part of other mode entirely, like from 4.2 version.

Also, about AI defense silder topic, it’s not that simple like you think. I used to use it by giving each colors their rank, and slide the most useful color to the max. Turned out, that’s not how it work at all, and maxing a slider is not a recommended thing to do somehow. I still don’t know how to use it proproly to this day.

The slider seems to make AI’s behavior become more chaotic instead of more focus like intended, so they removed it.


I manged to make an AI Elemaugrim loop team work with those sliders. The sliders weren’t easy to use, but they were somewhat effective.

Rather than removing it, they could just explain how it works. No idea how they were expecting people to understand without an explanation.

When the sliders made it on PC, people were complaining heavily about the AI avoiding Skull matches left on the table and I’m guessing removing the sliders was their answer to that fix. Boo.


I missed the stream but did Fallen Valdis spell get clarity whether it silences all divines including allies or is it just enemies?


You may watch the record, but yes, it’s a curious thing. Salty didn’t take any Divine in FV’s teams as I remember, so we could not tell whether FV silenced all Divines or enemy ones only.


I know this is a stupid question, but what is the topic for ideas and suggestions?


Feature requests, perhaps?


Or this thread:


I’m 110% positive it’s enemies only. Gard’s Avatar says silence all daemons but only silences enemies.


While you’re probably right, there are cases where the same words on two different troops mean two different things.

For example, “Destroy Gems in an X shape” means different things for Dragonian Rogue and Dragonian Monk. Similar for “adjacent” with Parrot and Infernus.


Not disagreeing with you in any way, just pointing out, Parrot does whatever Parrot wants to do, he doesn’t care about his spell text at all, so he is not a good example :stuck_out_tongue:


I just checked, and the spell effect is indeed the same as Gard’s Avatar, in that it targets an “EnemyType.” So no, this spell will not silence your own Divines.


Spoiler Alert! Salty will have Orange hair for Halloween! And Red and Green hair for Christmas.


Thank you Lyya for confirming :heart:


I see in the calendar that there is no vault event, has it made any mistake or have it removed from the game?


OMG! What is this new troop art and new background?!!

Background might be one of the upcoming Faction, unlikely to be from Overworld Kingdom, as Primal might be next, and it already have its own background. Troops look kinda Chinese-related, so Shantang’s? Could just be new Epic troop from that new Faction though.

Nimhain, Thanks for the sneak peek!


I didnt watch saltys stream, but people say that she confirmed there would be vault event this weekend


Oooh they’re nice.

@saltypatra any spoiler hints what they are please?


Lapina being the Faction of Shentang seems possible/nice.
Primal faction seems to be linked with Forest of Thorns.

The Doom troops seem to be related to a “Tower of Doom”/“Haunted Tower”…


She did indeed confirm this will be a Vault Weekend during the Monday stream!


It has been a long time since the last big Spoiler Update…