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Awesome! Thanks! Wouldn’t it be impolite to ask 2 other backgrounds: Soulforge (Daemon-faced furnace) and Guild (town street)?


Amazing! Thank you! Now to complete my collection just missing background from Soulforge , Guild and that lab at the bottom of the Troop / Pet / Class Upgrade.


@Nulings @MeghatroN


@nav037 just to complete the set please could you pull up and post here the underworld Faction kingdom art too? Can’t seem to access them from our spoiler sites like normal kingdoms… would be most grateful!


Fantastic! A dream conquered beyond the little screen of the game. Thank you very much!


They are on gowdb under codes K36, K37, K39. For example: http://gowdb.com/assets/backgrounds/K39.jpg


So any guesses as to what the next 2 weekend events will be? Hopefully one will be vault event but who knows because usually vault events are listed on Taranswold but nothing is listed for next 2 weekends.


Lore series should wrap up next weekend with Chapter 10, I bet next weekend is Vault, and maybe the following weekend is the new event based on the Lore series… I love the lore and I have a feeling whatever is coming based on the Lore will be a lot of fun.


I miss the feature that allowed us to choose the mana color priority our team would use in PvP. This allowed us to create teams where creatures prioritized the chosen colors, leaving the defenses more skills and fights more competitive.

Is it someday we’ll have this feature back?


It’s doubtful. The devs said they removed it because it confused too many players. [I find this view hilarious since they never officially explained how to best use the feature with an in-game tutorial. :stuck_out_tongue: You had to be a forum reader to learn how to use the feature properly.]


It seemed so simple. You set the color you’d like your team to wear more often and it would work like that during the defense. I think it was almost self explanatory. It was not something that required a tutorial. And even if it were necessary, it would be quite simple to explain.

In my opinion, this allowed us to create very intelligent teams. A team that did not use green mana, for example, could ignore this color and prioritize the most important color.

I believe that if it had not been removed, everyone would now understand how it worked and we would have much more competitive defenses in PvP. It’s a pity not to have continued.

Luckily I love Gems the way it is. I loved Update 4.0 and I’m looking forward to new things.


So the colors you wanted your team to use were you supposed to slide them left or right? No info ingame.


To the Right


So put it back… with a text box explaining what it does. Not like there’s no room on that screen lol.


I understand what you say and think it would be easily understood with a simple tutorial. But I really miss it, as I said, this feature would allow us to move to another level in building defense teams.


My experience of the defence priority sliders (I’m a PS4 player as well as Mobile) was that they didn’t work properly, and just made the strange AI decision-making even stranger…


In my experience it seemed to cause the AI to hoard that color, often not casting associated spells once they were ready. While fighting test teams, I couldn’t find a setting that felt like it improved my team performance, quite the contrary.


Fighting your own defense (test defense) is broken imo the AI is dumber than ever and never does the same in real pvp battle


I was reading about some players who suspect that soon we will have new Guild Guardians (the referred troops “Doom of”). However, today’s Guardians have a realm (Guardian, hidden on the map) and are important to guilds, as we worship them (making weekly donations) and I believe they should not lose that prestige.
The said “Doom of” are scattered across six realms and appear to be chaotic, which makes me think they are not Guild Guardians. I admit it is one of the spoilers that makes me curious and anxious today. The plot behind the stories in Gems of War makes me more and more in love with the game.


Exactly. When you create a defensive team you imagine yourself playing with it. But when the AI uses it, it does not do 10% of what you intended. Being able to prioritize what mana color teams would use would confer a greater range of strategy when designing defense teams.
However, unfortunately this feature will not return again.