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Can someone explain to me why the Fire Bomb teams get so many successful defenses in PvP? We currently see at least 5 out of 10 players using this team in PvP defenses. I would like to understand how this team can achieve such a positive defense.


The fire bomb teams are not successful. They lose every time as intended. However, casual PvP losses count as victories in your stats.


It’s a bug, when people attack you in casual it give you a win even of you lose


Most of the kingdom backgrounds can be found at http://gowdb.com/assets/backgrounds/K01.jpg (replacing “01” with other kingdom numbers).

Be careful how you use these, though, as they are copyrighted works.


Not every time. I just had a loss against one of those teams as they kept cycling skulls and 4-matches…after the first two shots eliminated my Stoneskin tank. :crazy_face:


You obviously haven’t taken King Bloodhammer to the match by mistake :joy:


On purpose! Live dangerously!

Also, the more PvP losses you take, the more opportunities you have for Revenge battles.


I want them for collection and to illustrate a non-profit blog made for fans of Brazilian Gems of War, since we do not have support in our language. Thanks for the backgrounds, I’m still looking for the rest to complete my collection.


Wish that the bug was fixed, seems a stupid place for the game to be in.

This is vastly off-topic though.


I don’t think its a bug. If it didn’t work this way guilds could target rival players in casual pvp and drag them down the leaderboard.


Why waste time to do this??! It’s not like the pvp rewards were so awesome


We need to bribe Sirrian and Nimhain with a lot of capybaras to make things happen. :wink:


Thank you! I found all except 2: for Primal and for Guardians. K31, K32 and K33 are absent on the site.



Oh, wow, Primal is so pretty. It’s a shame that isn’t being used more prominently in the game.


Great! Thank you!

Maybe there are also files with backgrounds for Boss Raid (green tentacles in a portal) and Invasion (a tower in a field)?


What is the background above the Hall of Guardians?


It’s Primal background. It’s already appeared in the game as 6 Seasonal Imps’ artwork, Elemental Event week, and Bright Bettle’s Pet Rescue.


There is also a rumor that Primal will be next Overworld Kingdom. Although, we don’t have info about next Faction after Sea of Sorrow yet, so it could also ended up as Primal Rift’s Faction background.


I had not tried. It’s one of the most beautiful backgrounds in the game. I really hope that Primal has a catchy story in his campaign and becomes a kingdom in the upper world.