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Do you also know the delve chest drop table?


Unfortunately, I don’t think this data is available client-side.

An explanation of chest odds may be in order here, and it’ll get a bit long-winded.

As you know, @Taransworld reports chest odds for all known chests to some reasonable degree of accuracy. It’s a good way to get a sense of what your chances are, though it is not the source of truth for the actual odds of getting any specific troop or other reward from any given key. All the data we have as a community about chest reward chances is informed from the server, which passes to the client at login time a list of all chests and possible rewards from those chests. In the past, this was used to show the “peek” of troops sliding in from the left that would give you a sense of what you could get. Along with those rewards are a set of odds, which are fractions that generally add to 1.

Why exactly the server continues to send this data to the client is a mystery to me, because the client never uses these odds; it doesn’t decide what is in the chests, the server does (for obvious reasons that the client can’t be in control of the player’s inventory). Whatever the reason, @Taransworld scrapes these numbers and posts them on his site, helping players make informed decisions about when and which types of chests to spend their keys and Gems on.

It must be emphasized that we do not know if the server uses these values when rolling. It’s possible that it does, and that the list and odds are just transmitted to the client at login time. This is a rational, reasonable assumption, but it’s not guaranteed, and there’s no way we can know without access to the server source. It’s also possible that there’s a manual step of copying the loot tables from wherever they’re used to roll rewards to wherever they’re transmitted to the client, keeping in mind that it’s possible these are two separate machines or farms doing the work of deciding loot vs. logging in a user. If the process is manual, then the odds he reports (and the ones I posted above) are subject to drift, and the source of truth is unknown to us. If it is not, then we are reporting the actual odds of the rewards for opening chests (distrust of RNG notwithstanding).

However, as far as I can tell, delve chest odds are not being sent to the client. Only those chests for which there is a button in a menu somewhere do have entries, and delve chests are opened through a different path. There’s no need for the client to have these odds anyway, as they’re never shown to the user and only the server should care.

Tl;dr: No, I don’t know the delve chest drop table :frowning:

Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!

Thanks for trying. But could you figure out what each level of delve chest drops? I dont need specific odds, i just need to know what i can possibly get from say level 5 chest to decide whether i should clear more rooms and risk losing to get those rewards, or go straight to the boss


Aside from the community aggregating this data in a giant sheet – which is ultimately the best “source of truth” about probability – I don’t have ideas, sorry. From what I’ve found so far, there’s no information available on this in the game files.


It’s ok. Youre still the best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If you mean “open the files on my phone” yeah I check it myself.
So as said before there are the 6 Doom of + 6 Ultimate Doom of. No more information about that…

That’s strange. Not easy to solve because the Bounty event should happen the week of Oct 22nd…


next kingdoms

Crypt Keepers
Sea of Sorrow
Primal Rift
Fire Rift
Tinker Town
Wild Court
Dark Pits
Fang Moor
The Warrens
Indrajit's Den
Dark Court
Ice Rift
Hell Gate
Dripping Caverns
The Labyrinth
The Deep Hive
Fell Roost
Mirrorred Halls
City of Thieves
The Black Heart
Silver Necropolis
Stonesong Eyrie
Sunken Fleet
Lyrasza's Lair
Depths of Sin


Factions guessing game:

Primal Rift
Fire Rift
Tinker Town -> Adana
Duergaroth - Drak-Zum
Wild Court -> Bright Forest
Dark Pits
Fang Moor
The Warrens -> Zaejin
Indrajit’s Den
Dark Court
Ice Rift -> Glacial Peaks
Hell Gate -> Blighted Lands
Dripping Caverns -> Khaziel
The Labyrinth
The Deep Hive -> Zhul’Kari
Fell Roost
Mirrorred Halls
City of Thieves
Wyrmrun -> Dragon’s Claw
The Black Heart
Silver Necropolis -> Ghulvania
Stonesong Eyrie
Werewoods -> Maugrim Woods
Sunken Fleet -> Blackhawk
Lyrasza’s Lair
Depths of Sin -> Sin of Maraj


Sea of Sorrow > Merlantis


Stonesong Eyrie - Maugrim Woods?

Also, Werewoods - Ghulvania?


Stonesong Eyrie maybe Suncrest? :thinking:


Cockatrice’s spell is Stone Song, also a bird, so eyrie.

That was my logic anyway lol.


Fang Moor - Mist of Scales?

Fangblade, Viper, Scale Guard.


Eldrazhor -> Karakoth
Fell Roost -> Dragon’s Claw / Suncrest
City of Thieves -> Leonis Empire


Empirinazar - Khaziel (Due to Empirina)
Silver Necropolis - Khetar
Fire Rift - Broken Spire
The Mirrored Halls - Stormheim


the sad thought that its going to take 3 years to have every faction release…


Factions invalidate current resources. 3 years from now the game will either shut down or be so pay to win it’ll cost to download the thing.


Or… the game will go on with much more contents and large supportive fanbase, and you won’t be there anymore with your faulty, pessimistic retorts. Hopefully.


I’ll still be here. Don’t worry. Negativity will live on and take over your heart! The end of the world is coming! Follow Doordash_Support (the underscore is important) to salvation! Follow me into the darkness! I am the maharajah of all things negative! I hope my keyboard breaks! I hope my monitor dies! SAVE THE CHILDREN!

Anyways, no, the game won’t go on because there won’t be enough people supporting it if it continues to invalidate current resources and call the replacements “features” instead of “new direction with payshop in mind”.


My 2 cents of suggestions:
The Labyrinth -> Wild Plains
Fang Moor -> Mist of Scales
Primal Rift -> Shentang
Wild Court -> Pan’s Vale
Lyrasza’s Lair -> Urskaya (because nothing else sounds Slavic-like)
Dark Pits -> Grosh-Nak