(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Stop biting…


What about Zuul Goth, isn’t he an soulforge exclusive as well?


Yeah, that’s why he’s unavailable from Event keys this Karakoth’s event week. If all Apocalypse troops got moved to Sin of Maraj, Xethanos will get the same treatment.


Knock it off. You’ve been corrected on this by official sources. If you want to persist in your claims, please keep them private.


This weeks weapon isn’t old it’s an actual new weapon the sun weapon for Raid this week


@Lyya i admire your patience :slight_smile:


I don’t have an alt


Please keep the Spoiler Thread (mostly) on topic. :slight_smile:

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It was in response to how you claimed the deathspire is an old weapon. There hasn’t been a event for the deathspire yet, but there will be one next week.


I don’t know that yet


Does the spoiled data show what weapons will be released with new kingdom? Specifically I want to know if I need to save up legendary ingots to upgrade a weapon for 5* kingdom.
I’m betting they will release that legendary ingot pack in the shop “coincidentally” with the new kingdom.


Dang, you used the words “weapon” and “upgrade”, now we won’t see another dev in this thread for weeks to come. Given how desperately this topic is being avoided it’s a pretty safe bet the new kingdom will be released with legendary weapons only. In any case, saving up isn’t a bad idea, you’ll want to have legendary ingots ready for any of your kingdoms that gets power-locked due to weapon upgrades.


I believe it’s 45 Legendary Ingots to fully max out a Legendary Weapon and it seems like there is 2 to choose from.


So no epic rare or common weapons coming with the new kingdom?


If the spoiler picture is true, it’s only 2 Legendary Weapons for the kingdom so yeah… nothing below Legendary.


No problem! You can craft ingots in the forge. You only need 45 legendary ingots to max the weapon. That’s easily crafted from just 450,000 common ingots!


YOU call that easy? I wonder what you would consider is hard?


That 1 pork skin at the bottom of the bag.



In the rhythm of power the new myths are, we will soon need divine intervention.