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@Mortimer Here are your screen shots:


How anyone can stand playing Jarl these days is beyond me, his spell literally produces extraturns at least as often for the enemy as he does for yourself with pityful damage to boot, effectively making him a really bad and much more expensive Goblin.


With Hyndla you get 2 Life & 2 Magic every extra turn for all your giants.
Also, Fire Giant deals triple Damage to a burning Enemy wich Jarl Firemantle does on 4x or 5x.
Wich (if kills) generate 10 more red mana. I play this Team almost every Time when i’m at Titan Class and it’s just slightly weaker then 4x Divine. But not of much.
Once you’ve got the Feeling on how to play this Team, it’s really good.
It also works great against Ubastet, because you’ve got lots of Life due to Bonuses.
(Also you could use the new “Storm”-Tree from the TitanClass to boost this Team even moren :wink: )


I know how the team works, filling enemy Divine teams with Jarl casts is just counterproductive, there are better ways to get your burns in.


You don’t really need to cast Jarl to take advantage of his bulk, team bonuses, and traits. No other Stormhelm Elemental Giant burns; subbing in Infernus is workable but loses the full Stormhelm/Giant bonuses and some Titan/Hyndla’s bonuses.

Better yet, you could only cast him when it’s safe; after Hyndla freezes, or all of the opponents who use red/yellow are dealt with.

tldr; Last resort/meatshield.


I guess that is just a role i personally can’t bear to see Jarl in, who should be the deciding actor in a full Stormheim team. Personal problem, i know.


Not even in the slightest.

The next hurdle after achieving pet level 10 for 11-stars is to achieve pet level 20 for 13-stars.

So, no effort was wasted at all in leveling Pinguin to 20. :+1:


It just means you’re sorted for Stormheim up to 13 stars now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ugggggghhhhh. Now I am sorely tempted to spend the gems to get 25 more copies of Pinguin.

Which, the thought occurs, may have been an intentional design decision.


@Razzagor Since you’ve already taken the best possible name, mine shall remain nameless.


Don’t do it. 13 stars is a long long way off.


Water talent tree:
Aquatic Glory: All Merfolk allies gain 2 Magic when an enemy dies.
Charming: Empty
Deluge: Submerge a random ally on Blue Gem matches.
Ocean’s Trident: Gain 3 Magic if using a Polearm.
Snap Freeze: Freeze a random enemy at the start of battle.
Water Mastery: Gain bonus Blue Mana from Blue Gem matches.
Watery Binding: All Blue Allies gain 4 Life.


I won’t lie, i was surprised there was enough space for the full name.
But, is there not a single name that could be related to an episode of Dr. Who or maybe any other silly name you personally enjoy?


To be honest, I haven’t named any of my pets. But I do admire the creativity of those who have.


Does anyone know what class events are coming after Archer on 2nd August?


There are some dates for some classes:

  • Hunter/Sunspear (Pridelands), 8/31
  • Frostmage (Glacial Peaks), 9/28
  • Thief (Zaejin), 11/02

So it could be Shaman (Wild Plains) or Warpriest (Leonis Empire) (the 2 remaining well-known classes).

Note that there is 4-weeks gap between Hunter-Frostmage and 5 weeks between Frostmage-Thief… So these dates could be wrong :stuck_out_tongue: .


Any data on the weekly 24 hr events? Would be handy to know so I can plan which classes to work on in the meantime.


You can see all the forseeable events here.


Check again and there is some id and according to this id, Hunter class should be first.
And his weapon is the only one which has already a spell.

We should have next New Class Event on Friday 17 August, not 31st. So maybe a new event on Friday 17 August.


Sorry… I’m sure you’re having fun with those (pretty viable) Giant teams… but the suggestion that they’re almost as good as the Divine teams strikes me as pretty laughable… the Divine builds are significantly ahead of Giants or anything else currently - by miles…

Ymmv I guess.