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Just because I have a different opinion than you, doesn’t mean I’m overreacting. “Just don’t use it” is a poor argument when the point of a new troop is something with a potential use. I’m stating my viewpoint that this is not only useless, but a bad sign for troops to come.

I don’t see how +1 Glory is interesting at all. It has literally no effect on the battle at hand.


Everyone will put bomb bot as defense and then have super fast battles, people will get extra glory faster, then then will remove the trait. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Who’s to say they can’t add troops or effects in the future that interact with glory gained per battle


I’m gonna guess they haven’t considered the game-breaking potential of putting 3 or 4 copies of the +1 Glory troop on your team.


One glory if you own 1 copy. 4 glory if you own 4 copies. Savvy?
Fight 3 trophy Firebomb revenge rival battle = 6 + 3 + 2 + 4 = 15 glory.
Or 3 glory troops and 1 event glory troop = 6 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 5 = 19 glory.


Depends on how effective those troops are in actual battles. Sunbird/Firebomb is going to get more matches done in Casual PvP than multiple lackluster +1 Glory troops, which means S/F will yield more Glory per time spent.


Or they’ll thoroughly nerf everything you can buy for glory instead, just like the increased gold income from x4 speed setting caused guild tasks to take a hit. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They have already started doing that. Weapons use to be 300 glory and came with 2 arcanes now they are 1000 glory and don’t have any arcanes.


Glad to see someone else who is excited for Suna! :slight_smile:


That seems to be more of a problem with idiotic firebomb defenses than anything else.
Normally stacking several of these glory troops would come with a drastic decrease in battlespeed, letting people with real teams and just one of those probably clear twice as many if not more battles in the same time, easily getting ahead in glory. It is only selfdefeating defenses that theoretically cause a problem here.
In any case the problem is a small one, at best you’ll get 4 extra glory for 4 of these troops while also being a bit slower on average than real teams with just one of these troops.
Doesn’t seem problematic, doesn’t even seem mandatory for specific glory farming.


I heard there’s also a troop named Layta, but that one won’t be out for a while.


Was going through my google-docs and saw that, years later, my old Gems of War spreadsheet is still being actively maintained. How nifty :slight_smile:


Haven’t heard about that Troop, any details?


Suna = Sooner
Layta = Later

It was a pun from XLS :blush:

Edit: i just realized you liked his post :joy:
Ignore what i said above


Lmao! Oh now i see I guess I shouldn’t get on sleep deprived and ask questions :smiley:


A troop giving an extra Glory point is a bad idea. When Valkyrie was the only troop giving extra Soul, players have somewhat have to use her to farm extra soul…


Reposting because I totally missed that you’d added this in amongst all the other new spoilers and it’s super awesome to be able to see which pets are coming.


Whoa, just saw a post on Twitter about steaming. Which new troop art is this?!


Must be Kendrala Bloodjewel, right? Her art is gorgeous. (Those ears!)


It would be perfect if her ears were smaller,just my opinion :grin:


Her ears appear to be fine relative to the size of her hair and her hands. She just has a bad case of tiny-face.