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I think the weapon upgrade is bs, just make them scale better with magic. No reason at all to put another new currency. Just more p2w.


indeed! i wanted my class weapons to get better the more battles done on them 250 to unlock them why not 1k more stats? 5k 10k 100k


Long story short it sounds like they want us to use our Hero more which is a good thing I reckon. But the class change cost will stifle the joy quite a bit.


Agreed. So much effort into making heroes more interesting and we still can’t easily change class to respec? Feels like a very obviously dropped ball.

I don’t buy btw the argument that it’s too hard to change code to remove the 50 gem cost. Somewhere is a variable with the 50 integer value set. Just change that to zero. Simples.


Yeah and as said before, there should be many new classes coming with the new patch (like one by kingdom)…

Maybe devs are bluffing and they will tune the team choice so we can also choose a class for each team.


I think it’s more a case of they believe changing classes often may overload/break the game so that’s the reason for not reducing cost.


I suspect the real issue is the severe design flaw in the class system. There can only ever be one class active for all your teams, changing your current class seriously messes up all other teams containing your hero. The class change fee somewhat hides this design flaw, because you just stick with one class as much as possible. They probably considered removing the fee, realized they’d be drowning in complaints and decided to rather sell it as a “role playing experience” where you are supposed to keep your class.


if they are so stuck on it being the number 50 change it to 50 gold instead xD


@Fourdottwoone exactly, the problem is every class are considered as Same troop, they should make it like it was different troop instead and we could be able to use different class in every game mode


That’s what they are planning to do but they need an update with less changes than 3.5 otherwise they fear too much bug will come out of it because of the old coding stuff


Does anyone know what the magic boost scaling for Ubastet will be?
I don’t understand what the 0.2 shown on tarans means.
Or should i interpret it as 1 attack being 0.2 boost in other words 5:1?


5:1, as previewed in Salty’s stream the other day


A few troop spoiler updates today:



Ugh, no… Glory farm troops are a terrible idea. At least souls and gold have in-match effects, and weekly bonus glory troops are time-limited. But this? I really dislike this.


I shall uphold the hope that Suna’s spell gets named back to “Solstice” until the very end. She’s such a cool troop, why was her really good spell name changed to “Bask”, of all things? :confused:
Any Suna team ideas yet?

Not too concerned about the Glory thing. It’s just one Glory. I mean sure, it will add up, but PVP is such a horrible game mode that some more rewards aren’t bad. I get enough Glory from tribute alone - am at over 70k now and do buy the weekly bundle quite a bit - and I don’t even check very often.






Look at the birdbrains stealing from the bunnies! At least they are smart enough to steal from the most superior creatures, though!:rabbit:


It’s less the amount, and more opening the door to this type of trait in the future. We already have completely useless traits in PvP like Godslayer and Siegebreaker. Traits are a huge part of defining a troop’s usefulness- I’d say just below the spell and above the stats and types- and seeing the pool watered down even more than “Water Heart” and its ilk irritates me.

Also, the reason you, me, and many other late-game players have huge piles of Glory is that it’s joining souls, gold, and the antediluvian Treasure Maps in the ever-growing “Devalued Currencies” pile. Having troops freely give out glory, once a strategic resource, on the tactical level, is another nail in the coffin for its viability as a future spendable. Notice how none of the newly released items take glory to craft? Yeah.


I think you are overreacting a bit. It is not a unique trait so it will take the place of traits that rarely if ever have any sgnificant effect on the battle. Honestly the vast majority of regular tier traits could just be blank spots and it would not change anything.
This one at least is useful for people that still need glory which makes it much better than any bond, heart or whatever else similar trait.
You don’t need glory anymore? Fine don’t use troops that have this trait.


3 of the 4 changes look like accidents. they seemed more logical before the change.

+1 Glory is an interesting trait. It won’t do much, but it sounds cool on paper. After 1,000 battles in PvP, that’s still only 1,000 Glory, which doesn’t really seem significant compared to tribute and gold chests.

The other trait for a Duststorm at the start of battle is also interesting. Could be nice, but the storm might be kicking in too soon for it to make a lasting impact.