(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


There are currently no color, no date for any troops so I guess it’s too early to add them on the spreadsheet…


I think the mythic goblins 3rd trait should be:

Gain an extra turn on gem matches or spell casts.

“That’ll teach them …”


Hey all, we just got an update with 322 spoiler changes. This update fills in some of the details about many of the new troops we saw on the previous update from 5 days ago. :slight_smile:


Interesting. Doomskulls? Clearly different from regular skulls, i’m extremely curious. And so begins 2-3 months of wild theories and speculation for me.


Doomskulls will be interesting


Just me or… DoomSkulls
(or Castle Greyskull but close enough!)


what about pets?
[Pet_000_NAME] Blue Swimmer Crab
[Pet_001_NAME] Aurai Cub
[Pet_002_NAME] Fox Kit
[Pet_003_NAME] Griffin Cub
[Pet_004_NAME] Mushroom
[Pet_005_NAME] Pet Rock
[Pet_006_NAME] Baby Wyvern
[Pet_007_NAME] Baby Goat
[Pet_008_NAME] Dragonian Hatchling
[Pet_009_NAME] Puppybot
[Pet_010_NAME] Tinycorn
[Pet_011_NAME] Chimera Cub
[Pet_012_NAME] Crimson Batling
[Pet_013_NAME] Ghost Parrot
[Pet_014_NAME] Kerberos Cub
[Pet_015_NAME] Koa-Toh
[Pet_016_NAME] Black Beast-Kin
[Pet_017_NAME] Itty Bitty Yeti
[Pet_018_NAME] Manticore Cub
[Pet_019_NAME] Squid
[Pet_020_NAME] Guard Dog
[Pet_021_NAME] Ice Jelly
[Pet_022_NAME] Mini Maw
[Pet_023_NAME] Treant Sapling
[Pet_024_NAME] Hellhound Puppy
[Pet_025_NAME] Mini Reaper
[Pet_026_NAME] Pegasus Foal
[Pet_027_NAME] Mini Sphinx
[Pet_028_NAME] Phoenix Chick
[Pet_029_NAME] Spiderling
[Pet_030_NAME] Hydra Hatchling
[Pet_031_NAME] Pinguin
[Pet_032_NAME] Slimeball
[Pet_033_NAME] Black Kitten
[Pet_034_NAME] Baby Mimic
[Pet_035_NAME] Little Spirit Wolf
[Pet_036_NAME] Lamb
[Pet_037_NAME] Silk Moth
[Pet_038_NAME] Firefly in a Jar
[Pet_039_NAME] Cactus
[Pet_040_NAME] Falcon Chick
[Pet_041_NAME] Dove
[Pet_042_NAME] Frog Prince
[Pet_043_NAME] War Corgi
[Pet_043_EVENTNAME] International Dog Day
[Pet_044_NAME] Golden Goose
[Pet_045_NAME] Living Sword
[Pet_046_NAME] Moon Calf
[Pet_047_NAME] Owl Bunny
[Pet_048_NAME] Puddling
[Pet_049_NAME] Ragdoll
[Pet_050_NAME] Tanglebush
[Pet_051_NAME] Snow Bunny
[Pet_052_NAME] Evil Flower
[Pet_053_NAME] Moskito
[Pet_054_NAME] Cockatrice Chick
[Pet_055_NAME] Bear Cub
[Pet_056_NAME] Cherub
[Pet_057_NAME] Floating Eye
[Pet_058_NAME] Wyrmling
[Pet_059_NAME] Fairy
[Pet_060_NAME] Figurine
[Pet_061_NAME] Flaming Skull
[Pet_062_NAME] Impling
[Pet_063_NAME] Minibot
[Pet_064_NAME] Minitaur
[Pet_065_NAME] Guppy
[Pet_066_NAME] Lava Grub
[Pet_067_NAME] Mini Hog
[Pet_068_NAME] Ogrin
[Pet_069_NAME] Faunette
[Pet_070_NAME] Raksha Runt
[Pet_071_NAME] Leafette
[Pet_072_NAME] Snake
[Pet_073_NAME] Toy Boat
[Pet_074_NAME] Treasure Hunter
[Pet_075_NAME] Pony
[Pet_076_NAME] Moa-ling
[Pet_077_NAME] Wind-up Knight
[Pet_078_NAME] Wolf Pup


Good spotting, nav037! (Attn @Sheba)

I’m also very curious about the “War Corgi”. But I suppose we’ll have to wait until August to find out.


pets bonuses

%1 Team Bonus: %2

+%1 to %2 Gem Mastery

+%1% to %2 from battles


Pets? Is this a real thing?

This is straying pretty far from the game I originally signed up for…


I guess I would have to do a Pet spoiler page. They don’t quite fall under troops. :wink:


I’ve seen “Owlcats” before:


Now we are adopting?



-Damage all enemies? With DS matches.
-Gargantuar loses 34 magic on match.


Ice Goblin: Explode 4 random Gems. Freeze a random Enemy. Gain an Extra Turn.

Another troop with explosions AND an extra turn. :scream:


I am intrigued.:open_mouth: Not sure about “Owl Bunny” (doesn’t sound very bunny-like unless it’s just a bunny with wings, but it’ll likely have a beak or something?), but “Snow Bunny” is awesome.
Also I agree with “War Corgi” sounding very interesting. I love Corgis! I’m absolutely not a dog- or cat-person, but Corgis are the exception from the rule - they’re just too cute and funny!
Pets of choice:


Doomskulls = the return of the +5 damage skulls from PQ1/2?


they are adding pets?dafuq is happening to this game xD


I really, really want to know the purpose of these pets, I can’t even imagine lol.


A new board mechanic for the first time since the game was introduced? Interesting to see how that will pan out. I’m surprised they waited so long to introduce things like this if they were ever going to be a thing, since even minor ones have potential to wreak havoc in a long-established system.

Pets look like another thing that has potential to be interesting as another chase and collection goal, but will more likely be packaged in a way where they are hard on-rails time gate with no actual way to appreciably influence the speed at which you can obtain them thus largely removing the desire to actually go after them. They seem to do this a lot.


This is a War Corgi:

He kills you with cuteness.