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Agreed. I’m hoping that they will sprinkle those 4 out over the next few bounty events and won’t release them all at once. At worst, they are only rares, so you’ll only need a couple Arcanes each.


Anus Champion, is soooo close i can almost taste it!!! i have teams for playing with him :smiley:


I wonder if there will be server issue again cause everyone will log in a the same time to kill these gnomes :slight_smile:


My suspicion is that it wasn’t a server load issue when Raid mode started: the servers weren’t slow, they were dead. I suspect that someone uploaded an incomplete or outdated file to the live servers. Hopefully that person has been spanked and this problem won’t reoccur.


bonus points if it messes up Champion of Anu’s release into the chests.

also, unrelated, if you go to gowdb and listen to the select troop sound effect and cast spell sound effect, CoA sound like 2 different people lol


Lol yeah i will wait to see notification on global before i try myself :slight_smile:


One of them is him talking with his mouth. The other is him talking out of his namesake?


the pitch of CoA’s grunt when attacking doesn’t match the vocal pitch when someone’s calling their own name or… whatever GoW troops do, when under minimal duress. It should be an octave lower or two


Some dates for future troops just came down. :slight_smile:



the week of may 7th is going to be expensive…


Hi spoiler friends,

I’ve created another spoiler page which will show you up and coming Weekly Events. This data is pulled automatically so it will always be up to date. I plan to add a history option to it over the next few days. Enjoy:

p.s. troop names can be clicked to see more information. :slight_smile:



EDIT #1: Added kingdom name.
EDIT #2: Added history option.
EDIT #3: Added Troop Type.


I see 2 stormhein troop for mar 12 and another mar 16 is it a mistake? It is not a mythic (in troop spoiler page)

Edit: nevermind it’s the bounty special troop


Does it look like they will be releasing just the one bounty troop on the 16th, or are there still 4 scheduled for release that day?


On the spoiler site four are listed. I really hope the bounty shop prices aren’t as much as raid and invasion. If so i can barely afford tier two on one of them. I want to be excited about this last new mode, but i’m afraid that after the high cost of the guild events a lot of people won’t be able to fully enjoy this individual one.


I’m also a little concerned when I look at the first trait on the bounty troops: “Bounty score is increased by 3x to 6x depending on ascension level.” With troops only available in the Bounty shop, then scoring well will absolutely require purchasing enough copies to ascend to mythic (another gem sink, no doubt). Maybe decent rewards can be had with a single copy (or by ascending only to UR or Epic), but consider me extremely skeptical. Again, no details to be released in advance, so we wait and wonder.


I don’t really care about that mode since it will be solo, i will just buy tier 2 for the troop and do the best i can with what i got


Yeah, I’m not panicking yet. I always try to wait for the numbers, do some analysis and then decide from there. I’ll make sure I acquire at least one copy of the troop and see how things look.


That’s where i’m hoping my handy dandy orb of ascension will be of use. Terrible reward for a guild’s worth of work, but if it allows me to get an edge here then great.

Some people don’t care about guild events, some only do guild reqs, and some want to do every single thing the devs make available, i’m the latter. I went to tier four for the guild events, i’m all about being a team player but people who aren’t gem rich should not have to chose between helping their guild and helping themselves (which in turn help their guild). From sirrian’s answer to my question in the stream i’m a little concerned, because if shop prices are the same (like raid and invasion were) i can maybe afford tier two for one bounty troop, i can definitely not get tier four for several and a better score. I’m trying to be hopeful but every bad feeling i’ve had about the way new events would be has turned out to be spot on.


I think my pessimism is being slightly tempered as I think more about the orbs. At this point, I’m pretty much going to choose to ignore Zuul, so that frees me up to actually use the orbs and not just hoard them for years in the hopes of crafting a mythic that i’d probably never use. If each event allows us to pick up a handful of random orbs and we are willing to invest these same orbs in future events (or at other times of our choosing), it should allow us to preserve other resouces in significant ways.

Your example of using an orb of ascension to boost your bounty troop is a great example. That could save you a stack of gems and still allow you to score well in Bounty. I picked up an orb of Wisdom from the raid event and have that earmarked for the third trait on the next Mythic I craft (saving me 24 Arcanes and 4 Celestials - that represents hours of explore farming). I didn’t have a purpose in mind for the orb of ascension that I got, but picking my spot and using it on an event troop or a new (or recently released) legendary that I like will be a significant boost.


(This is actually an old artist!)