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I’m a moron. Thank you!


Wait a minute. They’re giving us Beasts and Divines with Forest Guardian and Ishbaala running the show? Ohhhhh boy.

I mean, the other two weeks we’re going to be standing there panicking, by comparison. I guess it balances out lol.

… no, we even get hero w/ Mechanist class for Mechs. Just means we have to not use Bard for a week.


I forgot there were other classes…


Yes the Invasion teams are going to be fun to do contrary to Raid Boss ones…
I mean how to you generate mana with a full Khetar team (okay, Hero…)?


Mountain Crusher. :wink:



I get excited just thinking about it


Aziz might get some use for getting those all important skull matches as well. Plus necroaza can summon, best def against a 1 hit kill enemy.

But yeah lack of mana generator is a bit sad.


Bastite Priestess can generate purples, and can also take advantage of the death marks the Minions put on you.


Elementals will be fine, there’s Titan class and enough Elemental Giants to fill a team easily. Hylda Frostcrown will be out then too…


I’ve gotta say, this new troop release pattern is going to be a real problem for keeping up on Arcane stones. Every single week, there is a new legendary or epic that we have to farm stones to trait (on top of the usual monthly mythics). Meanwhile, these new modes also take time away from what would otherwise be my farming time.

Yes, we get a handful of Arcanes if our guilds manage to get to portal 5 (or whatever), but that barely makes a dent.

It seems to be another case of the devs rebalancing the economy to drain resources off end-game hoarders, but incrementally making it less possible for new and mid-game players to make progress.

Having recently traited all my true-kingdom troops, I’m in relatively good shape and will manage to keep up, but even for me (a high-explore, low-PVP, 10+ hour a week overplanner), it is hard to make any progress on traiting my classes and preparing for upcoming releases.


The new mythic should have a better line… Somewhere along:

He is the butt of every jokes… Not anymore!

Just saying @Ozball @Sirrian @Saltypatra :wink:


What store level do the event troops max traitstones at? I had farmed lights for this week but ended up not needing them. With it not being a new kingdom, I may not go as deep in the store so that may not be the case. But you don’t necessarily have to farm the stones for it if you have the gems.


I’m not at my console, so I can’t check the store levels until tonight sometime. I don’t remember seeing Arcane lights in the raid store though - that would be the obvious solution and I was disappointed that they weren’t available with the troops (as they are in the glory shop). If I’m wrong about what’s in the raid shop, I’m sure someone will correct me.

I did see Arcane Storms in the portal rewards, and that (coincidentally?) is the one we’ll need for next week’s invasion troop. If they do that every week, at least we get a little help in that regard, but we need more than one week’s data to be able to conclude on what they are doing there.


I assume that the portal rewards match the Event Kingdom colours: Shentang = Arcane Storm.


That makes perfect sense. It was just a coincidence then.


I’m also not at home but I think I found the answer using the raid boss video. I say think because the portal thresholds were different in that video than what we saw this week. But it looks like level 5 at 850 gems will unlock the godslayer’s 3 trait (30+70+150+250+350). There are some traitstones before that so you may have some flexibility in how much buying vs farming you do.


Yes, you’re right. I can’t make out the traitstones as they blink past, but it looks like they are selling us the stones we need for the raid/invade troops for gems. It’s up to us to decide whether that is worthwhile or not, but they are there.

On a good day, I can grind 12 arcanes in 90 minutes. I don’t think I can reliably grind 600 gems in anywhere close to that, so it seems like an easy choice for me. (And yes, I know I’m getting more than just the traitstones for those 600 gems).


The good news is, unless you’re going for completion-ism, the extra skull damage traits are pretty worthless. Still, the second trait is pricey and the lack of glory-purchasable stones with epic troops is a low blow. Which leads us back to Explore.

I don’t see the merit in having a portion of your game exist only as a grinding timesink alternative to spending money or saving up forever. Explore isn’t even like treasure hunt, which is meant to be fun and different; it’s just repeatedly bashing mooks with whatever you have that’s quickest. And it’s nearly necessary to field new or expensive cards. I see the business merit in it, but what kind of shoddy game design is that?

Sorry Stan. I rambled off topic.


Mook needs to be the next design-a-troop. Worthless traits and a spell like Peasant, except it’s a one-shot. :joy:


There are quite a few bounty troops being released on the 16th, am i right in assuming they’ll be bought with gems like godslayers? Looking at the patch notes again it just says there will be a tiered shop to get them. I hope my assumption is wrong, or just that for the first four being released simultaneously they’ll allow either a package with all of them or put at least two for glory sales. Wishful thinking probably. Trying to plan my stone farming and whew it just seems like a lot. Even if their stones are available with gems (like in raid shop) i’d much rather do my least favorite thing (farming) for all four than shell out more gems than it takes to acquire the troops themselves. Bad enough i need gems for the invasion shop, and sentinals (which i don’t mind because i more than double that investment), and there’s a mythic in a few days. If anyone has any information i have missed that tells absolutely what the currency for the bounty troops will be (i’ve never wanted to be wrong so bad in my life) please enlighten me.