(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


I’m hoping that one’s relatively painless like magnus. I’ve been lucking out with legendaries from events and only spending ten or less. Hopefully rngesus continues to bless me there.


My guess is. If Shentang is the event week next week then they plan on releasing the update early next week.
If it’s Leonis Empire then the update will either be released towards the end of next week. Or the last week of the month.


Leonis Empire is most likely next week’s event. If not Leonis, then a non-Shentang kingdom. Next week’s event acts as a buffer zone for whenever 3.3 kicks in, probably during the week.

The week after Leonis is one that should be questioned, if 3.3 is delayed, Shentang Kingdom event may be delayed. (or not, I could be talking out my ass right now)


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I changed the title back myself since it didn’t seem to matter. The thread still doesn’t appear under #spoilers.


Pretty sure this is right.

Also probably right.

Hopefully right.


Not sure if people are getting Shentang Legendaries but event keys is still sands so save them for Isabella on Monday I guess.


Three days until Fast-Fernus unless something changes.


Too Fast To Fernus?

I’ll show myself out


FYI: 35 changes this morning to the troop spoilers.


Ugh, I was looking forward to having some troops with immunity to mana drain. Bummed they took that out.


It’ll be back once the 3.3 update is out, which shouldn’t be too long from now.


This is such a bad idea…

At least she clashes colours with Infernus so if slotted in she is only there for the passive… and you can’t just go GorgothaMercyInfernus + [insert Aunt Doris in last place] with her, else she’ll put Mercy to half mana not full mana…


It won’t be overridden, will still see Half full Infernus and Empowerd Mercy.

See Forest Guardian and Spirit Fox, there was a bug but it got fixed.


They fixed that. And it was only ever if the troop in question triggered empowered before the half mana troop triggered anyways. You could always use a spirit fox at the rear of a forest guardian team without issue, it was only putting it up front that it ever got halved.

Diviner is also a divine by the way, and she makes yellow, and she uses one of the colors that Ishbaala doesn’t touch (brown). Mercy > Ishbaala will likely critical mass/blob match into yellow, filling everything that uses it, and firestorm explodes pretty much guarantee red > skull alignment for future safe converts. Plus, 2 (almost 3) cleansers, heals, enchants, potential magic buffs, and all colors covered. Of course, the whole affair is pretty heavily countered by a single Spirit Fox, so maybe it won’t be too broken… maybe… Not like it matters what is broken for regular PvP anymore, since even all that could still not be as fast as my current fastest team because there is only one exploder so I have to actually look at the board to see if my move is safe or not.

Fast Pharos could potentially be interesting, since she doesn’t touch any of his colors with her convert and doesn’t block two of them and would likely make yellow to purple easy for blobs, but thats the kind of esoteric setup that very few people would appreciate.


Gard’s might actually get used again. This is going to cause new meta. I have a few ideas with the divines kicking around and look forward using some particularly nasty combinations.


Priest Hero may actually be useful again, since it counts as Divine. Going to experiment with this all-Divine build in PvP:

Priest Hero w DawnBringer.

The Priest +2 heal each turn will help to mitigate a bit of the Diviner transcend trait and Air Link will help too.


Don’t forget everyone’s favourite green bitch too! Yas is gonna be eeeevilllll


Are we getting ishbaala tomorrow and shentang troops the week after?


Who is the green B??


He was referring to Yasmine’s Chosen

Here is quick list of Divine troops: