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I think it was back when Mawpocalypse and the old Mab meta were everywhere and almost had no counter. Now that we have much more traits and mechanics maybe they could consider removing mana burn/devour immunity from impervious.


This is from last nimhain lair, i know it’s
Been awhile and plan could have chance but at this time it wasn’t suppose to be immune to mana drain


More freeze effects on overpowered new troops… great… more things to make the game less fun :slightly_frowning_face:


Yes, I know why they made the change, but I dislike putting temporary bandaids on a problem. Now, if they want to remove mana burn/devour immunity from impervious, they will have to deal with a huge backlash from players that upgraded troops based on the protection the current mechanic gives them.

Personally, I don’t care one way or the other. I just know it will cause a storm of angry threads if it ever happens.


I suppose I’ll bring out a torch.

Forest Troll/Nyx/Kraken/Queen Mab is the second most frequent meta team that I face and Mab fires often. The more protection, the better.

Likewise, devour… Maw/Mercy gets seen in Guild Wars. Forest Troll/Nyx/Kraken/Queen Mab also can devour. I hate devour as a mechanic, both when it works for me and when it works against me, so the more protection against that the better.

I’m totally against any proposed removal of Mana Burn/Devour on Impervious. I’m also against anyone trying to make FT/Nyx/Kraken/Mab even stronger than it already is.

Gems of War is a slot machine compared to the early days when I first started playing.


To achieve a better balance, and variety, the immunities need a better distribution. It means that old traits are being reworked to give extra protection, as me and others proposed a long time ago, while on the other hand we wouldn’t need ALL-POWERFUL traits like Impervious for nearly every team because it covers any flaws a troop may have.

If we remain stuck with Impervious being such a “good for everything” trait then there is little to no reason to try out new teams or even release counters, in the end Impervious alone will be the basic aspect dictating if a troop is good or not…


I’m not sure I like where this game is going.


They’re probably much more normal, especially compared to the gravity defying wangers on the devoted and Atlanta et al!


I don’t know what to think about he new troops with a bonus to kill Boss/tower… Will their power be necessary to be efficient?

At least, it means that we wil get the patch before the release of the first of them. So before Feb. 26th :slight_smile: .


I dont like they have troops with bonus for raid or bounty. I feel you’ll have to use them for efficiency to gain scores. Which sounds like the player has no choice to use other troops.


There will likely be a catch. There always is.


Beat me to it. Compare to Goblins get +5 life?

(Don’t ever buff Grapple, I’m just using it as a measuring stick!)


You know what they say: Boys and their measuring “sticks” to see who has the biggest… :joy:
Sorry Shimrra, but you pretty much walked into it. :wink:



Only in Event chests? Aren’t the Legendaries released with new kingdoms added to all the chests?


Mistake of mine. Thanks.
It should be fixed.


@Saltypatra, regarding the new trait Trascend (exchange 2 life for 2 magic), does it count as damage taken in GW battles? This trait will be a little counter productive if my assumption is right.

Does it mean that Sky Ancestry is not effective against Psion (Mana steal)?


In terms of old traits, please remember that we will have some more kingdom reworks this year. :wink:


With all these new immunities, I think the best thing for status effects is to have them only begin auto-cleanse after at least two turns.

Having them disappear before you can take advantage of them, via skull damage traits or extra spell damage conditional spells, is lame.


Here is something fun and different… :slight_smile:

I was looking through the class data today and found this:

Class Name: Runepriest
Weapon: RuneHammer / Rarity: Epic / ID# 1158,
Weapon spell: Rune Hammer / Desc: TBD / ID# 7568,
Kingdom: Khaziel
Perks: unknown, unknown, Dwarf (“The Hero counts as a Dwarf for Team Bonuses.”)
Bonus color: yellow
Traits: Unknown
Armor increase: unknown
Attack increase: unknown
Health increase: unknown
Release date: January 1, 2018 7:00:00 AM

I also found this in the quest info:
QUEST9367_DESC: Emperina speaks of the Runepriests of old.
QUEST9367_NAME: Runepriest Training
QUEST9367_REWARD: Unlock the Runepriest Hero Class

Also found the weapon/spell image:


Cedric Sparklesack
To Gnome me is to Love me.

Mana Color: Blue, Yellow
Arcane: Blade
Base Rarity: Legendary
Troop Types: Gnome
Max Skills: 17 Attack 28 Life 15 Armor 11 Magic

Shiny Distraction
Pull the last enemy to the front. Charm a random enemy. Summon 1-3 Bombots.

He look cool :slight_smile: