(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


How so? What I see on your site seems OK for the next couple months, aside from troops having two dates and it is a little unusual that the Shentang event would be a week and a half later than the kingdom release.


I guess it is the split in kingdom release and event also March 16th seems to be messed up.

The two dates thing is because there are two files with conflicting dates. I’m guessing we can trust the first date.


I hadn’t noticed that one. I’d assume it is a data-entry error.

The kingdom release thing is probably because they may still be a little uncertain about the release date. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them swap the Shentang and Leonis events if Shentang releases as it is scheduled, or keep it as is if Shentang’s actual release gets bumped back by a week.


Wow, there’s some really interesting things coming!


I was mostly correct with my prefictions about the Sky Elves and Diviner’s spell progression.

Immortal Emperor’s legendary trait is… meh… but i guess his spell compensates for it.

Yao Guai is an Elf Daemon his appearance reminds of the Beast from Disney’s animation “The Beauty and the Beast”. No need to even bet on a curse @Sheba, better make some guesses why/how he(she ?) was cursed.

Xiong Mao have boost based on Ascension and against Bosses… Would Legendary and Mythic cards considered Bosses? Edit: Probably no, there are troops with Boss type in the spoilers.

Edit: Almost forget, Mana Shield also protects against Mana Steal, so i hope Impervious don’t protect against any of it after this update.


Looks like troops are going to be brought into play to help with raids and bounties.

Pharos hound and freya to point out some.


Lots of exciting stuff in the next month!


See, this is why I like spoilers. I’m excited for all of the new content they’re going to put out and the new Mythics look fun to play with. There’s more motivation to play now.

I’m not a fan of so many Legendaries coming out when I’m already struggling with Event Keys, but I’ll let it slide for today. So many potential teams coming soon…


Wow, so many new info so exciting!

So at this point, we got a bit more info on how new mode, “Raid” & “Invasion” work now. We know that they likely be events instead of Guild War, with additional troops designed for that mode (3x-5x spell/skull damage against Bosses/Towers) as rewards. But what is that Bounty Hunting mode?

I though we just have Gnomes randomly added in explore for extra golds, but now it’s look like they’re also part of another mode as well. We also have another troop with “Gnome” race (Cedric Sparklesack), with should be available as playable card. We also have spacial troops like for Raid/Invasion, but for earning higher score in this mode.

What does that mean? It’s a new Minigame like Treasure Hunt/Arena? It’s doesn’t look like to be an weekly event things like Raid/Invasion. Really looking forward to learn more about it!!


If these are mythic raid bosses are they even troops for us to use? Aren’t they just enemies?


Hyndla Frostcrown
Base Rarity: Legendary
Troop Types: Elemental, Giant

Trait #3: Giant Queen
All Giants gain 3 Life and Magic on 4 or 5 Gem matches.

Can poor lil’ Mythic Xathenos get a buff pretty please? (All Undead gain 4 Life and Magic when an enemy dies.)


Im sooooo hyped my dudes!!!


Abyssinia also could use this, +1 to life and attack seems small now, compared to bard she isn’t quite so mythical


Team of Dawnbringer, Titan class with third perks and all traited, with Hyndla Frostcrown will be ao deadly…

Forget about Queen mab, freeze all in one turn is coming soon! T^T


I posted similar in our guild chat earlier, it’s going to be lethal.


I like it! but oh wow the power creep…


The devs stated in the Jan Q&A that mana drain protection would not be included under the impervious trait.


Yeah, but i’m really hoping they remove Mana Burn Immunity from Impervious as well. That’s what i meant.


I kinda like the Semi-tank nature and mana drainer of Anus

And the waifu of EK damn… just look on your troops page and search for Divene Troops.


I doubt they’ll remove mana burn immunity from impervious at this point. I mean it would be logical for them to have announced such a change when they were talking about mana drain and impervious in that QA.

(Granted, I thought it was ridiculous that they added mana burn/devour immunity to impervious anyway.)