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They need skill if you use changers such Green Seer/Giant Spider. Here we have two spammers and you’ll put yourself in RNGesus’ hands.


Look, i don’t think Diviner will break the game, but that is only because there is other really broken stuff already in the game that doesn’t need Diviners clearly too cheap and powerful Magic buff as these broken troops are bonkers without needing any support for it.
For example, Queen Titania doesn’t really give a damn if her baseline setup-free 40-ish aoe damage before FF or enemy reds gets increased by ‘a mere 7’.

But Diviner is so very clearly leagues above other universal transformers that it is just not funny, and it is so symptomatic for what is going on in the game right now.
Back when Behemoth used to be the golden standard for main-purpose aoe damage troops (all troops whose main purpose it was to deal aoe damage where at around the same damage as him +/- a few) a troop like the Diviner would absolutely have broken the game. That just goes to shows how the game, especially in the balancing department, is on such a terrible path right now: Every next released super troop makes the vast majority of older troops that could be used in its place(similar function) completely obsolete.


Maybe, this is why they didn’t release a troll that used yellow. All part of the masterplan… :upside_down_face:


Well, who said that the Justice League is no more in fashion?


Hey! Give me double Quasits any day! Haha :grin:


You can’t do much with two Quasits in the team.


I still think Mercy is a problem. I mean, these loops are fine if the enemy can beat you to it or vice versa, but if we get a turn one charge on a transformer… everything goes to hell. Oh wait, Mercy is a turn one charge on a transformer!

This is mitigated by it not being a guarantee due to board conditions, but then it just feels worse when RNG makes it happen.

The Hellcat-Alchemist loop isn’t quite as strong without Mercy jump-starting the whole thing.

Anyway… yeah, a magic-scaling infinite loop does not sound safe to have in the game.


Yeah, i don’t want to sound like a smart aleck, but i simply avoided the obvious. It’s solid, sure, but i mentioned complicated stuff first as i really try to think outside the box. All because @Ashasekayi would probably be sitting inside the said box anyway ( :wink: ).

With Diviner and Valkyrie you have 50% of the team working on behalf of the other 50% that are probably a mix of Tanker+Damage Dealer and Damage Dealer.

But with all the mixed stuff i mentioned you have more roles fullfiled and an overlap of damage dealers, and mana generators depending of what you pick. Take Terraxis for example, as a converter he is below Valkyrie’s reliability for loops, but it compensates by adding more AoE damage.

If it only didn’t had those disgusting tiny hands…


Hey! I resemble that remark.


Looks like sky ancestry is the new eleven racial trait coming out in 3.3, and it looks like all elves get mana drain immunity. I assume the other traits will be wood ancestry, dark ancestry and high(?) Ancestry.

Also if divine is epic then transcend should be a common trait and so distributed over some other troops as well. Wouldn’t mind seeing it on xathenos


Sure, appreciate it was obvious but felt your points were doing a disservice to the debate as many readers probably aren’t as smart as you… :grin:


I’m unsure if i should feel flattered or sad…

Anyway, talking about spoilers again. Looking at Taran’s world spoilers about the Sky Elves i prepared a picture:

I’m not totally sure if the SpellBlade would have Transcend, but since the Spearmaster seems to be a frontiline soldier maybe the Spellblade is just some sort of mage that happens to channel magic with swords.

I’m mostly sure the Immortal Emperor will have Transcend, but aside from another annoying ressurrection trait i wonder what legendary trait he’ll have.

And at last, i feel like these Sky Elves should have Nimble added into the Racial Trait. Not a gamechanging buff, but a sensible and logical one at least.


Do anyone knows if there will come new Hero weapons soon that can create/transform gems?




This continues for several more hours, à la Mandark

Magic scaling on Magic? MAGIC SCALING ON MAGIC!?


It could be 4+(Magic/4) scaling, from what it looks like. Though with a trait that gives +2, I’d guess it’s probably 0+(Magic/2), which would be terrifying.

Devs, could you please tweak this troop pre-release to only increase other allies’ magic? That won’t stop people spamming two of them, but it will slow it down significantly.

Or if she increases her own magic, she can get +50% of her magic stat added to it with each cast, eventually snowballing up to cap with all of her allies, too.

Yeah, Mercy has been a problem for ages, but she has never been anywhere near the top of the game-breaking list. Empowered is a bit much.

Fun fact, Mercy allows for a turn one cast of Great Maw, UNLESS YOU HAVE ALL FORGOTTEN MAWMIGEDDON


Damn, the old frame of cards was awesome!


There are several traits like Transcend (i.e. takes 1 pts of one stat and gives 1 pts of another stat) in the gamefile:
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGELIFETOMAGIC]": “Exchange Life to Magic”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGELIFETOMAGIC_DESC]": “Exchange 1 Life for 1 Magic on 4 or 5 Gem matches.”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEMAGICTOLIFE]": “Exchange Magic to Life”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEMAGICTOLIFE_DESC]": “Exchange 1 Magic for 1 Life on 4 or 5 Gem matches.”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGELIFETOATTACK]": “Exchange Life to Attack”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGELIFETOATTACK_DESC]": “Exchange 1 Life for 1 Attack on 4 or 5 Gem matches.”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGELIFETOARMOR]": “Exchange Life to Armor”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGELIFETOARMOR_DESC]": “Exchange 1 Life for 1 Armor on 4 or 5 Gem matches.”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEARMORTOATTACK]": “Exchange Armor to Attack”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEARMORTOATTACK_DESC]": “Exchange 1 Armor for 1 Attack on 4 or 5 Gem matches.”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEARMORTOLIFE]": “Exchange Armor to Life”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEARMORTOLIFE_DESC]": “Exchange 1 Armor for 1 Life on 4 or 5 Gem matches.”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEARMORTOMAGIC]": “Exchange Armor to Magic”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEARMORTOMAGIC_DESC]": “Exchange 1 Armor for 1 Magic on 4 or 5 Gem matches.”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEMAGICTOARMOR]": “Exchange Magic to Armor”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEMAGICTOARMOR_DESC]": “Exchange 1 Magic for 1 Armor on 4 or 5 Gem matches.”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEMAGICTOATTACK]": “Exchange Magic to Attack”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEMAGICTOATTACK_DESC]": “Exchange 1 Magic for 1 Attack on 4 or 5 Gem matches.”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEATTACKTOMAGIC]": “Exchange Attack to Magic”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEATTACKTOMAGIC_DESC]": “Exchange 1 Attack for 1 Magic on 4 or 5 Gem matches.”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEATTACKTOLIFE]": “Exchange Attack to Life”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEATTACKTOLIFE_DESC]": “Exchange 1 Attack for 1 Life on 4 or 5 Gem matches.”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEATTACKTOARMOR]": “Exchange Attack to Armor”,
"[TRAIT_EXCHANGEATTACKTOARMOR_DESC]": “Exchange 1 Attack for 1 Armor on 4 or 5 Gem matches.”,

So not sure if other winged elves will get Transcend or another of these traits…


Probably a mix, it would make sense the Spearmaster, for example, would exchange some stats to gain attack.


Feb 12th spoiler. Looking forward to it in 4 days, or maybe looking forward to Shentang, one of the two.
Leviathan is a great counter to Sand Scuttler meta since waves just knock over Sand Castles.


Good news. LOTS of new spoiler info (376 changes to be exact). Most of the future troops spells and traits have been filled in and a handful of new dates. Enjoy. :slight_smile:



Is it just me or are the dates really messed up?